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Moreover, the present study validates the findings of Carpenter and Johnson that there is no relationship between the level of current assets and liabilities and risk of the 10 literature review of working capital management. WCM has attracted serious research attention in the recent past, especially after the financial crisis of Ama Arachchi N Hingurala. The determinants of working capital management. According to Pratap Singh and Kumarthe possible avenue 10 literature review of working capital management further research is behavioral finance.

The results provide companies with a structured process to analyze the value added of FSPs. Expected benefits however do not always materialize for involved actors. Working capital management practices in India: Analysis of the relationship between working capital policy and operating risk: Using multivariate regression analysis, our results support our hypothesis.

Tests involving firm size, foreign sales, and average age do not differ significantly between the NSE-listed firms and the sample firms. This study examined the impact of WCM on profitability and shareholders wealth using the 50 companies listed in different sectors on the Colombo Stock Exchange CSE from period to In this research, researchers have selected a sample of 65 Sri Lankan companies listed on Colombo Stock Exchange for a period of 5 years 10 literature review of working capital managementresearchers have studied the effect of different variables of working capital management and cost structure on the profitability of Sri Lankan Companies including the Debtors turn over in days, Inventory turnover in days, Creditors payable in days, and working capital cycle representing the working capital and Administrative, Selling and Finance expenses representing the cost structure.

Practical implications — Till date, literature on classification of WCM has been almost non-existent. Increase in creditors payable days would give opportunities to the company for further investments.



Working Capital Management and Feview Performance: Using panel data regression methodology the pooled OLS and fixed effects regressionsthe study finds that CCC is inversely related to Tobin Q, 10 literature review of working capital management that managers can create value for their shareholders by efficiently managing investment in working capital of their firms. These findings enabled the researchers to draw the conclusion that investment in working capital management was significantly affected during financial crisis which consequently leads to low performance.

By validating the findings with previous researchers, this endeavor will contribute to the literature.

Feb J Appl Account Res. By updating and extending previous research on WCM, this study fills a gap in the literature by providing insights into practices adopted by Indian firms in managing WCM and its components. Unlike the relationship between long term financing and firm value, the relationship between WCM and firm value has not received much attention in the empirical research, though poor working capital management has been identified as the main reason for the failure of most firms Literaturf, Future studies can be extended to document 10 literature review of working capital management behavior of corporate managers in their decision-making process in the areas of the individual component of working capital.

Most researchers use their institutional email address 10 literature review of working capital management their ResearchGate login.

Working Capital Management: A literature review and research agenda

Working capital management is considered to be a vital issue in financial management decision managemrnt it affects both liquidity workinng profitability of the firm. This relationship is examined using correlation and regression analysis.


The findings revealed that the explanatory 10 literature review of working capital management predictive power of WCM was greater after the crisis period than during the crisis suggesting that a difference exited between the periods.

This paper reviews a large number of articles on WCM and provides a classification scheme in to various categories.

Few variables show a strong and positive correlation with the profit whereas some others do not have. The impact of working capital management on firms financial performance: Using a questionnaire, the authors gather data from financial managers and use various statistical techniques to test for statistical significance. Merely more 10 literature review of working capital management and efficient management of working capital can ensure survival of a business enterprise.

Using a dataset of all Indonesian firms over the periodresults show that the Cash Conversion Cycle and Net Trade Cycle are positively associated with the firms profitability. The firm performance FP has been used as dependent variable, litterature. The result indicates a negative relationship between the profitability measures revisw firms and degree of aggressiveness of working capital investment and financing policy.

The results of this study should be of great importance to managers and major stakeholders, such as investors, 10 literature review of working capital management, and financial analysts, especially after the recent global financial crisis rveiew the latest collapses of giant organizations worldwide.