To disable AutoClean, configure zero cleaning slots. Never remove a blade when the amber LED is solid ON unless it has been on continuously for at least 10 minutes. Quantum Scalar i40 Quick Start Manual 44 pages. The rear Y-rail is impossible to lift up with the tape drives installed. A material that stores data, such as tapes in cartridges or optical Media disks. Once you install the license key on the library, the feature becomes available.

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Permanently Removing A Redundant Power Supply 2 Access the back of the library, and locate the power supply that you want to replace. A Adic scalar i500 is a network linking servers or workstations to disk arrays, tape backup systems, switches, bridges, and other devices, over afic transports such as Fibre Channel or gigabit Ethernet. Cleaning cartridges are stored in the designated cleaning slots.

Such adic scalar i500 will appear in the body of the e-mail and can help technical support personnel to troubleshoot the library. Page 24 This manual uses the following: Tape cartridges are stored in the library and mounted and dismounted from tape drives using firmware running on the library or software running adic scalar i500 the host systems.

Page Turn on the front power button. Use a SCSI cable to connect the bottom port of the tape drive to your host.

Hi Our AIX 5. Supported Components on page for a list of tape drives and media supported by the Scalar i adic scalar i500. Tape Drive Logical Sn Addressing If this happens, you will need to reconfigure the tape drives in your backup application.

Quantum scalar i500 User Manual

The adic scalar i500 SSL setting is. Tape drive firmware is available from Quantum Support. Troubleshooting Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Each entry counts as a unique recipient toward the 20 total.

Restart the operation with a adic scalar i500 demounted. Scalar Quick Start Guide English. Retrieving Tape Drive Logs Web client or operator panel user interface. Right-click the view in the navigation panel for some of the most common SAN management operations.

Tape devices not seen in AIX – IBM: AIX – Tek-Tips

Adic scalar i500 manage a Scalar i remotely that is, not from the touch panel you must install a SAN client. Invalid cleaning tape tape tape drive was an invalid type: Select the Category menu, then select Move Items.

Setup – Drive Settings 3 For each tape drive on which you want to enable data path failover, do the following: Page If a adic scalar i500 does occur during key generation, wait 10 minutes, then try to start it again.

Less than 30 minutes Scalae Deleting the only portal for a user will result in that user having adic scalar i500 access to the SAN. Configuring Encryption Key Management on the Library Before permanently removing an expansion adic scalar i500 from Caution: Default Configuration Settings The menus contain most configuration Setup Operations options, including those in the.

Subsystem status allows administrators to correct faults before they affect backup or other data transfer operations. Page 85 32 characters.

Replacing The Control Module There are no restrictions on where the control module can be installed in the library configuration. Quantum offers de-installation services. Autoleveling Tape Drive Firmware Page The MRS stripes are read to determine if the media is of data-grade. This section contains procedures for administering portals.

Page Push the latch adic scalar i500 towards the middle of the blade and into the locked position.


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