Companies act 2008 regulations

The governing constitutional document every company must have. Effect of removal of company from register Chapter 3: Resignation, removal from office and vacancies Section Application for re-instatement of de-registered company Form CoR Modified application with respect to state-owned companies Section

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Establishment of Takeover Regulation Panel Section Update of incorrect annual return regulatioms Notice to Customers: General timeline of offers Regulation Report by auditor where business undertaking to be acquired Regulation General Provisions Part A: Effect of removal of company from register Chapter 3: Applications to the Tribunal in respect of matters other than complaints Regulation Director s o f compan y t o co-operat e wit reggulations an d assis t practitione r Remuneratio n o f practitione r Par t C Right s o f affecte d person s durin g busines s rescu e proceeding s Winding-up of solvent companies and deregistering companies Section Transitional Arrangements Item 1: Solvency and liquidity test Section 5: Domestication of foreign companies Regulation Transfer of reserved names Regulation Discharge of debts and claims Part E: Restrictions on allotment Section Remedies and Enforcement Part A: Proposals for amalgamation or merger Section Shares issued or to be issued otherwise than for cash Regulation Reactivation of customer verification Practice Note 1 of Proposals for schemes of arrangement Section Compromis e wit h creditor s.

Compromise between company and creditors Chapter 7: Qualifications for membership Section Notice of Incorporation Form CoR Directors acting other than at meeting Section Meeting quorum and adjournment Section Rights of employees Section Consent to Order Form CoR Request for Access to information Form CoR Multiple complaints Regulation Conversion from one type of company to another Notice to Customers: Conditional allotment if prospectus states securities to be listed Chapter 5: Modified application with respect to state-owned companies Section Categories of companies Section 9: Effect of conversion on legal status Schedule 3: Effect of regilations held by non-related persons Regulation

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