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This gives a guide list of all the available pages created. Gold is the most comprehensive and advanced suite to create Digital Album. I paid good amount of money for this software that works only in my old computers Date published: Dg Foto Art Gold.

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Gold also has a large range of image editing tools like the Magic Wand and Cloning Tool and also offers a bunch of newly added image improvement tools like Glows, X-Y rotation and Outlines. Vull unique slide show generator creates a self voto file EXE containing slides of the template pages created. Thus, no worries about any unforeseen event.

This is a useful feature while designing a multi-photo album page. The guide lines intersect horizontally and vertically at the exact center of the current page.

Tools like Levels, Curves and Histograms have been added that aid in color correction.

Flawless blending of colors using this feature makes the pictures look real. You can also flip the images horizontally or vertically.

Dg Foto Art Gold Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit / 32 bit)

Tones can be applied instantly on any photo at the click of a button. Katrin Eismann Read More. Templates can be customized to sizes in centimeters, inches or pixels and print resolution too. So depending on the size requirements of the customer the pages can be sized.

With Dg Foto Art — Gold, complete Albums can be created in less than a hour which otherwise would take a lot of time to design using other traditional imaging software, this results in more number of Albums to be created within the same time and with less efforts. Add Inner, Outer and Center Outlines all together on photos instantly.

Add eye-catching clip arts, borders, masks, textures and filters from its huge library. I am now boycotting them Arf published: I emailed them and their response?

Dg Photo Art - Gold - For Window, Digital Album, Image editing Tools with Ready to use templates

This is done at just the click of the mouse. Unique Color Picker Tool In the Color selection dialog, a color picker tool enables selection dv any color from the screen. This strong engine has the ability to generate great albums xg fast and so is known for its highest output. Use these existing elements in the library to spice up the album pages and minimize the efforts of designing or building new designs for specific themes.

This is the most intricate and propelled suite to produce computerized photograph collection. With innumerable edit wrt makes handling images easy, rectifying the minutest flaws and controlling photo exposure and factors like auto levels and auto contrasts too. Multiple pages of a project can be exported simultaneously, thus saving time.

Dg Foto Art 5.2 Complete Suite (24-2-2010) - iTKa crack

Converts files created in Dg Foto Art - Gold into standard print formats ready for printing. No need of an additional mailer software.

For Price enquiry contact here. I've bought few templates from them, they sent me the downlable links a full week after. Quick fix the photos or exported pages here through PXL Editor.

The unique lasso tool removes unwanted portions of a photo for replacing the background. Love the program Date published: Alter the color tones of an image by changing the shape of the curve in the Curves dialog box. Using this program photographers can generate digital albums in minutes.

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Tools like Levels, Curves and Histograms have been added that aid fto color correction. With a rich text editing tool you can instantly add texts to the template pages by using any true type fonts.

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