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Account Transfer from Nexon , Also lost hundreds of dollars and hours invested. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. So bulky code isn't a problem due to the bandwidth. Personally, I am very excited for this. Lionsbane View Profile View Posts.


Guess I'm starting over then since I had an account from the beta days. I guess only time will tell.

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Halloween bingo event bug. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I never got the email. There's a minor difference there but one worth noting.

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Submit a new text post. Combat is extremely satisfying and fun. Gladiators and Acrobats were the gods of 1v1, Elementalists were the gods of Team play.

Globalized games have to do a lot of tricky shit to make playing at high ping or vs high ping players not feel complete ass and design for edge case scenarios as "dial up" or "suffocated upload speeds on dsl". On NA servers, you have like 80ms.

Dragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPG

Another great 1v1 PvP game wasted by bad netcode. Drabon posted by Space Wizard Zach:. Hell, I had an account since the beta days, but even I didn't get mine transfered over, sadly I mean, think about it - imagine a company transferring your data, without your consent, to a completely different and shady company who does things like refusing to delete credit card data and finding ways to charge you.

The other thing that I've heard from DFO players, is that there's a specific type of router that's used by the vast majority of Koreans, and Korean netcode tends to take advantage of that- which makes them run terribly on other types of dragom.

Arcane Focus redirections not working? We just didn't know soon enough Obscuritas View Profile View Posts.

I spent a lot of NX on this game as well as on my family's accounts even though I haven't been playing for about six months now I also installed the game and you know what Defensio PvP build by Lust Haven't played in a year, decide to come back, didn't know anything about this.

Trade Sell, buy, trade and discuss items here! Bug Reporting See a glitch in game? I'm worried I lost my chance since I haven't agreed to sign up either Okay so I havent played DN dgagon months. Ever since the last maintenance, my dragon nest launcher keeps getting an error, preventing me from playing.

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