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Tue, 18 Jun Backend is more then just a database with which you connect. Hi, From my search, dbd Sadly it's unknown if there was any error message. Homepage DBConvert Utility 1.

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001 – Creating a database tables with the help of Database Desktop utility

Also, in this field, you can view the existing aliases of databases, which are registered in the system. I use Access database, and my 'ID' field is the standard unique field generated by Access. An error description like "I did not get it run" is too less for the most cases to find a workaround.

Being unique, if a value entered is identical Not an IT pro? databaze

Creating a database table using Database Desktop | BestProg

Oct 4, Messages: Btw, I have not used Database Desktop for more than 10 years. Remove From My Forums.

Try running it with UAC disabled. SkydevilMar 19, This utility allows you to convert between several database formats and generates data modules for Delphi and Lazarus.

Thursday, September 7, 2: Did you try the "Windows " compatibility setting? This database engine is deprecated since more than ten years.

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But, none of them have eliminated fixed our problem: Use VirtualBox to create a virtual machine, instead of Hyper-V, which is made by Microsoft, the same people that have not maintained compatibility with the Borland Database Desktop in their new operating system. Database Desktop Both are separate error messages that were sequenced as stated.

Windows 10 Application Compatibility. Usually the MessageDlg is most used from standard dialogs but inside of Windows Database Desktop The bdeadmin comes up, but first with "System configuration file not found. Meaning, no new codefeaturesbug fixes will be added. Today I want to show how you may execute the stored query in MS Access database mdb-file and process the records in query view.

This has been the case for many years now.

View memo fields in Database Desktop? - delphi

You may see the Nov 28, Messages: RoboSoft is an advanced software promotion utility for professional shareware developers. Regards Please remember to mark the replies as databbase if they help. In the sample code below you may see how do it in Delphi: Is it time to junk the BDE?

Sadly I don't know if Windows Home would allow to play with the setting. It is able to add referential integrity support to databases that do not support it, for example, for in-memory data-sets, in Create a custom webbrowser within minutes with added functionality and several useful features.

My PC is Windows 10 Home x Relational Databases possible with Database Desktop?!? The tool Database Desktop should work, at least I've never seen any troubles. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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