Might not be able to provide the best customer experience. Low quality product might be provided to the customer leading to low customer satisfaction.

Reducing the laps time involved in the manufacturing process. Collects the information from the customer. Share Share in your Facebook group Copy.

Manufacturing system tells them the price and the time it will take to manufacture their car. Customer puts in information like preferred delivery store.

Case Study: Management Information System at Dell

Might take a lot of managejent to deliver the specific kind of product. Less cost spent on customer satisfaction. Corns No expert available, customer case study in management information system to take his or her own decision.

Increases efficiency of the business as the business understands its customers better. All the products displayed might not to fully tested leading to low customer satisfaction.

Three case studies of management information systems

Dystem in better market research. Totally technology based which might lead to a few errors, costing a lot to the business. Allows the firm to test or market its new available technology, in a cost effective manner. Helps the firm to know its customers better. Risks Long time to reach the customer increasing the costs.


The customization might be over price or expensive. Helps in cutting cost of the firm of syatem and market research. It allows customer to better make the company stand up to its expectation.

Management Information System in Restaurant Case Study

Better meets the customers need. Low level of customer relation. Comments Please sign in or register to post comments.

Supply chain system makes sure to place the product order on time for the delivery.

Allows the firm to know the current trend in the market. Below are the pros and corns of mass customization: Collects basic preference from customer. Making new product and service available easily jn the customer.

By charging the customer a premium price for their choices. Role played information management system.

Lets customer know more information about the product. By rapid transfer of information between department and suppliers. Pros Gives wide choice of verity available Gives different costs and alternative to those costs. Volkswagen case study – Management Information Systems. Lets the COS know the update on manufacturing informatlon of the customer. Collects information from COS and makes it case study in management information system for manufacturing.