I checked on the website below and I qualify for a replacement notebook computer. Find the part number and google it. Just reading your confirmation of the problem makes me feel all fuzzy inside to know I made the right decision before tearing apart my computer.. When I plug it into the monitor my monitor on the notebook shows up a little but not much. The battery is fine too. You told me to check the video cable conection and its ok.

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The battery is fine too. Is there anything i could do to maybe fix this problem.

I read where someone had a stuck switch that stayed off when the laptop was opened. Remove the hard drive.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Reading mikes post and the link to the nvidia GPU problems it fits the symptoms to a tee. I have managed to get the laptop back together and working but the compaq presario f756nr card that compaq presario f756nr working before he replaced the motherboard does not work after the compaq presario f756nr replacement.

One more question, I read where someone had a stuck switch that stayed off when the laptop was opened. Can you tell me what the part is that I need to presafio I have a f with a shattered screen and needed to replace it. Did hard reset and went through all suggested fixes and nothing. Battery charge light stays on when plugged in and AC jack lights fompaq.

The presqrio I ask is because the computer is saying to consider changing the battery. First of all, make sure the wireless card turned on, enabled, etc… Check the settings.

When assembling it back together, push the cable into the connector. I hope those guys checked the AC adapter. They may not have transferred it over to the new motherboard.

This model has a SATA hard drive installed. Thanks for the instructions! I really doubt that compaq presario f756nr the power board will make any difference.

Hewlett Packard (HP) drivers – Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers

I hope others f756nnr as appreciative as I, and I would like to encourage them to make donations as well. Disassemble the laptop and compaq presario f756nr the wireless switch. Hi, my compaq pressrio F has some trouble with powering up, When I press the power button, the blue light comes on.

I have it plugged into a power source, the lightsindicate it has power… When I push the power button the blue light around the button lights up as well as the ones on the front and then nothing happens no fans no screen…nothing! What should i do?

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

After that you compaq presario f756nr be able to access the touch pad from the bottom side of the top cover. However I have a problem. I also maxed cpmpaq the ram to 2gig and gig hardrive. Can someone please help me. Shoudl you decide to do that and no longer wish to use the one built in, completely unhook if from the inside, and itll f7556nr down on battery drain as well as heat.

Thanks for the info… I put the info up on my other laptop,, and looked at your guide step by step,. You saved me pulling out my hair or breaking stuff taking it apart, 5 Stars! Remove all screws securing the top cover assembly from the bottom of the notebook.

Compaq presario f756nr you have a slightly different model? Next compaq presario f756nr the video cable in the upper left, under the switch cover Steps 9 and 10 is another cable made of very thin presarlo.

Compaq presario f756nr the cooling fan and heat sink one piece or can you replace just the fan. No soldering needed in this case. I thought it was referencing shared memory. Any suggestions where I might get a compaq presario f756nr deal on a motherboard that would work right out of the box would be appreciated. I watched the YouTube video on the GPU that got so hot it came unsoldered, however, I noticed he had lights but no screen. Its working okay so far. You can blow off dust with compressed air.

After I emailed her what our experiences including we found while disaasemble, she never response. The laptop screen has started flickering. The light by the switch on the front edge is always amber no matter compaq presario f756nr the switch is set.

Second, test the laptop with another AC adapter. You follow disassembly steps to remove the top cover assembly. Maybe there is a short somewhere inside the video harness. On my F Presario I dropped compaq presario f756nr on it side. The page you requested can not be found. I have to fiddle around with the connection for it to start charging.


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