Damn small linux

New MyDSL is now a separate menu via a fluxbox [include] 8. It can also do Lily and IRC. Dillo with more patches! I restored the ability to chose language specific keyboard layout e.

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New Icontool GUI controls many icon features.

In case where multiple versions of sjall package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. New mkfloppy script used in the above and now also on the fluxbox menu Fixed UCI loop counter during unmounts. Created an Icon layout manager for xtdesk. Updated firefox default mimeTypes 6. Fixed eth0 disable upon use of pon Added "minimal" boot option - will use Minimal theme 2. Should help install on newer larger drives Fixed reset noload flag for hard drive installed root mydsl-loading Enhanced frugal installs Web option to use.

This also does an md5sum check on the download and install of gnu-utils.

As of Junethe MyDSL servers were hosting over llinux, plugins, and other extensions. More cleanup for space savings to accomodate upgraded software.

Damn Small Linux, Notes

Improved mydsl GUI now groups applications according to category. FLwriter replaces Pathetic Writer 2. New MyDSL gui for downloading and saving extensions 2.

Install it on pen drive.

On the entertainment side, Xpacman couldn't be passed up with a binary of just 22k. Qemu version now supports boot time UCI loading Please be careful, after translation commands will change. New theme and xmms skin As suggested, Linuux added a routine that makes an icon for Firebird after download.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. That means you carry the OS with you anywhere. Change Log for DSL v2.

I really wanted to include Xpdf in Damn Small because so much online information is sitting in pdf format these days. Gphone is definitely a work in progress and you probably shouldn't bet your business on it; if it breaks you can keep both pieces. It can really speed up rendering on some computers. Xpaint seems to get less notoriety these days because of the enormous capabilities of The GIMP; yet, Xpaint is very capable, and will serve well for general image editing.

Updated pcitable to correctly support Broadcom b44 module 4. With email help from Smlal Packard, I was able to hack in some wheel mouse support.

Damn Small Linux

All these applications are part of the base distribution, through our MyDSL system it is possible to grab hundreds of other applications with a couple of clicks of the mouse, or make your own custom CD with exactly the applications you want Featured Desktop applications used in Damn Small Linux Browser: A fun addition dammn this release is TuxNES, and an assortment of public domain games. Updated new theme and xmms skin.

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