A few good men

Matthew Saks as David. Starting off on a related note, the script is fantastic. He's genuinely excellent as the proud and supercilious Colonel Nathan Jessup. The whole film, with its steady, important-picture pacing and its bits of pseudo-profundity, is a piece of glorified banality. The drama opened in and ran for more than a year.

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Will the good guys win?

A Few Good Men | Sony Pictures

Young Tom Cruise was still on the rise as a leading man here, but Nicholson is at his best, throwing out great lines nen the dozen and making movie history with his final burst of anger. Gene Whittington as Mr. Retrieved from " https: Joshua Malina as Orderly.

Michael DeLorenzo as Pfc. Sorkin, then an aspiring playwright, learned of the incident from his sister Deborahthen efw recent law school grad, who served in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps, on the team defending the accused Marines.

A Few Good Men

But the battles of words and wits are godo as Western shoot-outs. This movie really amazes me with it's great actors and great storytelling. He got the showiest role and the Academy Award nomination. Initially, friction exists between Galloway, who resents Kaffee's apparent laziness, and Kaffee, who resents Galloway's interference.

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You can't handle the truth! Archived from the original on July 16, The whole film, with its steady, important-picture pacing and its bits of pseudo-profundity, is a piece of glorified banality. Daniel Kaffee Tom Cruise is a military lawyer defending two U.

Without Markinson's testimony, Kaffee believes the case lost, lamenting that he fought the case instead of taking a deal. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine said, "That the performances are uniformly outstanding is a tribute to Rob Reiner Miserywho directs with masterly assurance, fusing suspense and character to create a movie that literally vibrates with energy.

Sam Weinberg, the filmmakers first thought of Seinfeld," was renewed for a second season, Alexander became unavailable, so the role went to comedian and impressionist Pollak. Season 11 The Flash: Can you handle the truth?

21 Things You Never Knew About 'A Few Good Men'

Marines charged with the murder of a fellow Marine and the tribulations of their lawyers as they prepare a case to defend their clients. OscarOrNot Apr 1, A Few Good Goood Aaron Sorkin adapts his own Broadway play. May 13, Rating: Still a a manageable movie with an epic scene, from Jack Nicholson of course.

Jack Nicholson is as highly watchable as ever, but Demi Moore proves yet again that she is one of the worst actress of her generation. Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now.

Christopher Guest as Dr. Though a courtroom drama on the surface, the movie is really about the changing face of power in the military, and in all walks of life. But you can't forget for a moment that Reiner is taking your emotions on a carefully guided tour.

David Bowe as Cmdr. The literally in-your-face camera work can easily expose an actor's weaknesses, but, with the lens framed on Nicholson's bulldog visage, he lets loose with volcanic fury. I kept thinking there had to be more to Santiago, not yood his death. Downey wasn't in his room.

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