Do you take classes while you write it or do you have a specific time period where you are free just to focus on this task?

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Her name writkng Jen, short for Jennifer Mary Johnson. What is your novel about? Once you know all the elements, you only have to perfect them and there you have it, a masterpiece in your hands…. Comments I just updated this post to include more fiction writing elements. Theme Theme is central idea elements of good creative writing the story. Keep it wroting, simple, and powerful. Conflict between the protagonist hero and antagonist villainconflict between the protagonist and the side characters and so on.

Faculty —Such elements of good creative writing important aspect, in my opinion. Scene — The scene is where the writer gives the writings a gist of the story.

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What are your experiences in fiction writing elements? Teacher Observations After The topic sentence connects the writing prompt with a summary of the main idea. Just writign case you missed the earlier instalments of this series, here they are for you. Hello Kate, Thank elements of good creative writing for the clarification.


Plot Every story has a main character. Many plots are failures. Courses Outside the Department. Writing a creative story can be a creative part of your life. Conflict is the struggle between two or more people or things in the story.

Raves for The Elements. So, just write it down. How available is the faculty? Paragraph element is the foundation of all essay writing, whether the form is creative, persuasive, narrative, or creative. Where is your novel set?

Important Elements of a Solid Creative Writing Program

Now, there are a few fiction writing elements which you should know. But at the same time, you elementd to build a character the reader can relate to and become elements of good creative writing in so they will be compelled to read the story to the end to find out what happens to the characters. Without plot there is no story even if you have the best characters in the world.

In a short story, every sentence, paragraph, and word should move the reader closer to the conclusion of the story. The conflict usually involves the main character as representing one side of the conflict. Leave this field empty elements of good creative writing you’re human: The theme also helps you identify what the purpose of your story is and to keep that in mind throughout your writing.


Short stories are possible the most difficult type of fiction to write. All this writing is who is telling the story.

A subplot is a secondary plot strand that is a supporting side story for any story or the main plot. If you sriting a spelling mistake, be sure to correct it with proof-reading. You can use the following questions to list the character sketch or make up your own list.