Frozen essence otome

Head towards the Inn. It really won't affect anything in terms of Rune. I recommend to fix this you either Reload a previous save file and try again and if it still happens then Email me and I will try my best to assist you. XD Aug 10th Without a memory of her own, she follows the guidance from the oracle and stays protected by the bodyguards from those that fear her dark power.

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Upon waking up you will go outside and run into none other than Rune, Aysel and Caius. Varian follows the Fire Path.

Anike July 21, at 1: You will wake up and meet the person who saved you when you collapsed. Posted by Emiko Shroud at She tells Caius she will leave everything in his hands until she wakes up. Your first day is pretty much done for you with the exception of two choices as seen.

I've been waiting for this. A careless, pain-loving man who doesn't seem to like people; and Aysel, a sweet and gentle girl that seems too small to guard anyone. I would have loved separate colors for the names of characters, though.

Otome/Dating Sim Game Guides: Frozen Essence-Caius's Story (All Endings)

Shrouded in Haze Free: Without them, this project and this site's existence would have never seen the light of day. This was my favorite path for a essebce time. Go upstairs and Demand Answers. If you are having trouble and are following the choices to get each ending for the Dark Ending then you must of made a mistake along the way before reaching the point where you could head towards the Dark Ending.

eDream Production: [Frozen Essence] Review

Anonymous May 24, at 2: I really had no liking for the oracle for the first few paths including some death pathsthat really just painted him out to be this cardboard plot device that did anything the MC wanted because it wouldn't progress the plot if he didn't.

Well this is why I otomf you to make it.

As usual with all my guides if you any questions and your problem is not on here simply contact me at the address below and I will do my best to help you. I will reupload all the files. It really felt well-paced after that, and Rune was coming back to life. Also At this esesnce make 1 more Save file giving you 2 save files at this point before advancing!

Upon waking up you will go to The Oracle Chamber and see the Oracle after dialogue exchange.

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If you make one mistake in your responses you just either lowered or completely messed up your chances of the getting the ending you desire. You will then be captured.

Hex Spheres and Hex Monuments. Keep Looking around town. You discover the room is locked. And my blog for more updates! You will automatically come here after your encounter with Rune.

Frozen Essence

Challenge him and Throw Insults at Him. I'm in need of essence. Day 2 has finally come to an end and you learned a little more about everything. One of the choices in your guide is not here! Rune Rune is frozsn back, but he is serious bodyguard. Take me around town.

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