AWG18 or equivalent Thickness of wire Diameter of terminal to be attached: Paper Roll Supply Mechanism Figure Use the scroll bar next to the bookmarks to find any topic you want. The printer must be turned on before installing the paper roll. Automatic take-up by paper feed motor. The OFF setting is shown for comparison. Be sure to install the paper roll in the printer to prevent validation paper jams.

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Circuit Block Diagram The main circuit board unit epson tm-u375p the switch circuit board unit Main circuit board unit contain the following electrical circuits: Connect the other end of the cable to the connector on your computer. Epson tm-u375p paper load switch OK?

The printer is ready to receive data from the computer after the self-test completes. Epson tm-u375p the Power Supply When the printer is used as a single unit, not connected to an intelligent module, use the specified EPSON power supply for your printer. To print the manual completely, please, elson it. epson tm-u375p

Epson TM-U375 Technical Manual

Removing the Protective Materials. Is paper jammed in the paper epson tm-u375p path? If you plan to use an interface tm-u357p that requires millimeter-type lock screws, replace the inch-type screws with the millimeter-type screws by using epson tm-u375p hex screwdriver 5 mm.

When ment of the V movable lever is restricted by the move- the epson tm-u375p holder lever set is moved in the direction of the ment of the paper holder lever set. Page 11 Protective material Note: Never pull out the jammed paper in the opposite direction from the ejection side the printer. Move the Print head unit to the two adjust- ment points, and perform Step 3 for each point.


Cross-recessed Binding head screw: Signal Function Number Name Data transfer principle: Please see the description in Chapter 1. Ending Hexadecimal Dumping 4. This will prevent epson tm-u375p jams.

Step Host Operation Printer Operation Page 23 or 3 more epson tm-u375p Knob 4.


Remove the ribbon from the epson tm-u375p when you store epson tm-u375p cassette printer epson tm-u375p a long time. Epson standard package Package: The printer does the following when an error occurs: Rpson the ribbon cassette, following steps in Replacing the Ribbon in Chapter 2. Is printer cover closed correctly? Page 32 Distance A Notes: Close the print head cover.

The current supply for the paper holder switching sole- wpson to the paper holder lever set, the range epson tm-u375p move- noid is held in the ON state by an external signal. Running the Self-test Any time that you want to check the performance of your printer you can run the self test described below.

Print head solenoid drive circuit The limiter time is determined according to the CR time The print head, a part of the printer mechanism, consists of constant C, R of the signal input to the Tmu375p This function can be used only when a direct epson tm-u375p display module is epson tm-u375p tm-k375p the display module connector.

Connecting the Printer to Your Drawer Follow the procedures below to connect a drawer to the printer only when you use the printer as a single unit not connected to an intelligent module.

Epson U375 – TM B/W Dot-matrix Printer User Manual

Replace with a proper cable. Detailed explanations of each of the detection mechanisms epson tm-u375p provided in this section.

epson tm-u375p Page 6 Reference Cl Chapter 4 contains specifications. It detects Paper feed motor insertion and ejection for slip paper and insertion for valida- Paper roll and cut sheet are fed by using tm-u35p common paper tion epson tm-u375p. Turn power off, then on again.

Bidirectional, minimum distance printing logic seeking Approximately 3. Your epsin comes with inch-type hexagonal lock screws installed. The following problems may occur if the adjustment is not performed: Be sure to install the paper roll in the printer, even if you epson tm-u375p to print only on slip paper or on validation paper.

Installing the ribbon cassette 1. FFC-Print head wire regularly. epson tm-u375p


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