I used to spend days and weeks in the library, searching for appropriate sources for my if and research papers. When it rains, the water droplets combines with these air pollutants, becomes acidic and then falls on the ground in the form of acid rain.

Pollution is caused by various things, the sources of pollution are classified as manmade and naturals causes.

Soil pollution occurs when the presence of pollutants, contaminants, and toxic chemicals in the soil is in high concentration that has negative effect on wildlife, plants, humans, and ground water. I am very happy to cooperate with professionals!

Suspended particulate matter popular by its acronym SPM, is another cause of pollution. Natural air pollutants include a pollen, spores, b marsh gas, c volcanic gases and a synthesis of harmful chemicals by electric storms and solar flares.

I submitted it and my professor really appreciated it. Use energy efficient devices: When you try to study the sources of Air pollution, you enlist a series of activities and interactions that create these pollutants.

Essay causes and effects of air pollution is also essential ait understand the concept of reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Essay on Water Pollution: Thanks for your efffcts The effects of Air pollution Environmental pollution is the key concern for the humanity.


It is usually caused by industrialization, social events, poor urban planning, household chores, transportation, and construction activities.

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How to Select Cause and Effect Topics? Global warming has resulted in increasing temperatures across the world, in sea level waters and melting of icebergs in poles. The results of a research suggest that pol,ution is a correlation between the increased number of cardiovascular disease result deaths and the increasing levels of pollution in recent years.

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The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution college essay

The example of India shows that the air polluted by black carbon and ground level ozone contributed to the cut of crop yields. Clean energy technologies like solarwind and geothermal are on high these days.

Another seriously affected country is China. Essay causes and effects of air pollution effect of pollution is that it affects the human respiratory system and causes heart problems. Phosgene COCl 2 is a poisonous and suffocating volatile liquid which is employed in dye industry and synthesis of organic compounds. There were only a couple of hours left and your company agreed to help.


A big serious effect of air pollution is global warming. Depletion of ozone layer With the greenhouse effect which is the major contributor of the release of chlorofluorocarbon into the atmosphere has led to the depletion of ozone layer.

They have deadly effects on many creatures including mammals, plants, amphibians, insects, and birds. Atmosphere assists in protecting the earth and enables life to exist. My teacher always gave me very low grades with comments that I am overlooking some instructions. Get a free price quote!

What is Air Pollution?

I ordered in Evolution Writers I know exactly that I can trust them. Learn about the major polluters in your area to protect the air and water where you live. Feel free to order a great persuasive essay from OZessay! Hydrocarbons have carcinogen properties. Attempt should be made to develop pollution free fuels for automobiles, e.