My passion is knowledge. The Salary range for registered nurses is between 58, to 66, a year. My Plans After High School.

My short, long and personal goals I have.

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Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? I feel so grateful and honored that I am going to be the first generation in my family ancestry who is graduating from college.

However, I always knew in my heart that I love working with teenaged children. Nursing seems like a very fun, creative and fast paced profession that would be very fulfilling to work in. S bureau of labor stastics ,!

My short, long and personal goals I have.

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essay on goals after high school This springI am taking four classes at the indicated institute above while also working full-time during weekdays. Tell it To Me Straight, Doc.

Knowledge is power; I firmly believe that education is the key to a better life. My main goal as a librarian will be to have children immersed in literature.

My Educational Experiences and Future Plans

This median range is about half of what the workers in this occupation earned while more than the amount and of the half. This career path interests me because of the educational training requirements, working conditions, earning potential and future employment opportunities.

Registered nurses are needed of family friendly work schedules. By the afetr World War II startednurses were removed from the hospital, to bedside by wounded soldiers. They worked 10 to 12 hour shifts. My main responsibility with my parents is to help pay for the house where we live.

Many generations missed educational privilege. Accessed October 23, This article has 1 comment. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every highh.

My Plans After High School Essay Example for Free

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. I also want essay on goals after high school have classes for the adults where they can learn to read or write, provide them with access to information, and guide them to the proper services.


Saturday, Oct 27, Working fulltime and going to school fulltime might be a little difficult, but in order to finance my family without giving up on my dream, I motivate myself everyday to have enough energy. Most nurse work in hospital and home health care.

Then, zchool until now, having worked in an urban secondary public school in Saint Paul as an educational assistant, I really love my job as an educator. Send Us Site Feedback.