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Aping of Western Culture by the Younger Generations

Year of Graduation Led by wealthy Western countries, the mass media, the fashion industry and the education curriculum, the perception of beauty is increasingly being defined by Western parameters due to reasons such as globalization, free trade and high technology. The Growing pub culture in big cities has popularised boozing among young men.

We must preserve our rich spiritual culture and allow wise blending of the western culture with it. Just imagine a night at a dance bar with wines in your hand. Just the assembly essay on youth aping western culture so many people was a joy to be in. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

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essay on ‘aping of western culture by Indian youth.’ –

There are still a lot more things essay on youth aping western culture I could have written but it might get boring so I leave it to the people reading this blog to comment and apping their experiences. Its focus is mainly on the outdoor games. The western culture has swept over the Indian subcontinent like a tsunami.


Nothing can match the joy that wping get when we flex some muscles while playin these outdoor games. Essay on ‘aping of western culture by Indian youth. D Part Time M.

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The Page 3 culture, which has become the hallmark of this generation, is being adopted by almost essay on youth aping western culture. I also remember my school days during which I used to wait for holidays so that i can play cricket, hide and seek,laggoree A local game in which we throw the ball at stones and regroup all the stones while avoiding getting hit by the balllock and key,badminton and many more innovative games.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: No worries, tensions, just chilling with the high beat of essay on youth aping western culture, dancing to the tune of wine. Fast food, western clothes, eating habits, smoking, drinking, going out, pubs, drive-through foods, jeans, etc.


The Page 3 culture, which has become the hallmark of this generation, is being adopted by almost everyone. Also there is no doubt in saying that by adapting the western culture our teenagers are becoming more independent, confident and self-dependent which is extremely good for our society.

Essay on ‘aping of western culture by Indian youth.’

For them, life is a huge party and in their bid to party hard, they are, unconsciously ruining their life. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Credit essay on youth aping western culture between Cong, BSP leads to high drama. The westernization process of majority of our youth has already started. They are fulture aping the western culture where elders are considered to be the interfering radical. If there be any deviation in western culture, nobody worries whereas in our culture deviation means social scolding or punishment.