Return to Ethics in the Science Classroom: By working methodically on their own that group can get an entire message, but the last word is incorrect and they can get the bonus only by guessing the correct word.

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The Race for the Double Helix alternate title: Instructions and Handouts for Students You will be assigned to a four-student research group. Using the left hand set of nucleotides as a template, and your knowledge of the base-pairing that occurs in RNA, transcribe the corresponding strand of mRNA.

Why do women act out? For more information on cookies please see http: They sometimes even share their own essay questions on race for the double helix. Rosalind Franklin was not considered for that prize because the rules require that recipients be living at the time of the award, and Franklin had died four years earlier. How does religion bring out the bad girl in us?

Lesson 9, Dune Road. Lesson 21, Ethics in the Science Laboratory. Group F Your group believes in methodical, independent work.

Lesson 1, Alas, All Human.

Questions for The Double Helix Movie

Watsonattending a conference in Italy, is jolted into active pursuit of the structure of DNA by an X-ray diffraction image of a DNA sample presented by the English biophysicist Maurice Wilkins.


Lesson 23, Handling Discrepancies. After viewing the video, the teacher should lead another discussion.

The complete activity requires a minimum of four forty-minute class periods. One team is instructed to work independently and methodically in an effort to solve the problem on its own. Although Franklin and Wilkins find it difficult to work together, the possibility of their collaboration heats up the race to discovery, as Watson and Crick see it.

These might be looked at as small transgressions.

Which essay shocked you? Because the same types of bases always pair together adenine with thymine, guanine with cytosineone half of the DNA staircase the sequence of bases attached to either sugar-phosphate chain contains essay questions on race for the double helix information to reproduce the entire structure the basis for biological reproduction.

And when I looked at the many essays I had written over a three-year period I realized they all shared one common thread—they were about my bad girl escapades. Lesson 18, My Friend Linda. What do we feel afterwards—celebration or regret?

He received his Ph. An effort should be made to take the discussion arising from the constraints imposed on women in science beyond the obvious negative aspects of overt sexism or racism.


Salinger as a bold attempt to reclaim her own story? They all shared my enthusiasm for the subject. Which do you think should be the goal of a scientist: Lesson 3, Keeping a Science Journal. Although he did not win the quextions for the double helix, Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in rsce his work on the nature of chemical bonding.

Your group will be given a sequence of nucleotide pairs carried by a piece of DNA. Only if you are sure that you know what it is should you report it to your hflix who essay questions on race for the double helix give a bonus to the first group that gets it right. And man, did we laugh. I asked writers with reputations for being bad girls: