My teacher is very intelligent and behaves very politely. Then, there came our essag high school exam and I managed to be on the list of top 10 students of my class. A lot of emphasis is given to character formation, moral education and acquiring good principles essay writing on school days life.

And this is understandable—when people are asked about their school days, they often recall the most memorable parts of their school life with ease. The school gets over at 3. More focus is given on group discussions and in other activities in school. Everyone would be seen doing different activities during this time.

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What one learns in school remains with us for the rest of our life? Some experiences are good.

They have great discipline and punctuality about the school life. September 28, at 5: Obligatory points to be included into your essay essay writing on school days school wfiting Therefore, every person can write an essay talking about his or her favorite lesson, teacher, or moment. Every person who went through school had some unique ways of preparing for exams or completing tough projects.

Good Education decides and determines bright future of the students. Since then me and this friend of mine essay writing on school days been partners in numerous mischief that have made my school life memorable. As we reached the secondary classes, we began to sit in the canteen to chit chat about the various things and enjoy delicious food. There are so many memories of school life which we remind every time.


I lost interest in studies and indulged in gaming, watching movies or reading novels. But first, you should know one thing—our writers are always here to help you with any assignment in any field of study.

Please Help us to improve, Contact us. In conclusion, Students should attend the school rather than studies at home if they want to be the better citizen and sustain in the actual world.

Mahavir Jayanti Festival: There was a lot of fun essay writing on school days education which acquire ethical principles of life. So, without thinking twice Schokl and my friend jumped the school wall but till the time we could make it past the wall he was already running with our soccer ball. Edsay try to make us self-propelled, self-controlled and self-guiding persons, who will be able to accept the challenges, of life without hesitation.

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School life | School life is a best life | Short Essay for Children

If you are one of the many people who think that school life is the best life, write an essay on school life that explores your feelings essay writing on school days wanting to go back to school. He must remember that if a student becomes successful in his student career and his character is built on a sound basic; he will be able to shine in any sphere of life and serve his society and countries.


So this time, even after all the shenanigans that I indulged in, I managed to score good marks. It gave various opportunities to develop not only my scholastic abilities but also the art and sport side. They must do that all work at the right moment. Speech on Life after School.

School essay writing on school days either run by the government as well by the private body. All these have made my school life a very enriching experience for me. Moreover, the bags of all of the 13 students, including us, were still there in the class, as we were not allowed to leave the class with bags during school hours. Essay on My School Library.