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Heavyocity offer up this free Pack of drum sounds from their flagship DMA collection: Outer Spaces is a versatile new audio processor that puts your sounds in beautiful spaces — but it goes way beyond your standard reverb. As a great starting point for immersive sound-shaping, Dark Synth will introduce you to new horizons in sound design. Vocalisms is a collection of 58 drum kits made solely from sounds produced by the human voice and mouth. Look what Max for Cats dragged in:

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The eBow energy bowis a small, hand-held device that "bows" the strings of a guitar using an electromagnetic field.

5 Ableton Live Templates EDM Bundle (Progressive, Deep, Future Bass)

Named after the Greek god of dreams, the Freenotes Morpheus is a modular metallic instrument consisting of a series of metal bars, each attached to its own resonator. Drop Herse in your track and manipulate audio in real time. Effect, control, and radically reinvent your sounds and workflow.

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Olympus Elements symphonic choir is a voice professional choir, expertly built for use with Ableton Live. Sound Objects Lite is a collection of sampled percussive and bowed objects chosen for their complex and unusual harmonics.

Cyclic Waves is a premium selection of audio loops taken from the Cycling '74 'Cycles' libraries, produced and curated by Sound Library pioneer Ron MacLeod using innovative processing tools from Cycling '74, the makers of Max. Skitter and Step inhabits the space where growling basses, rinsing pads and jarring melodies collide with jagged, broken percussion.

Packs: expand your Ableton studio with instruments & sounds | Ableton

Able to produce everything from silky pad sweeps to earth-shaking bass. Sound-scapes, pads and textures. We're sorry-this item is unavailable. Konkrete Drums 3 lets you take your palette of percussion even further into exciting new sonic territory.

Monstrosities is a collection of 50 aggressive drum kits with dirty, distorted, processed and mangled sounds, energized for intense beat creation with Live and Push. Dark Synth is an highly innovative new Max for Live synthesizer that marries the vast edk of additive synthesis with a super-intuitive interface.

Metalix is a toolkit for cinematic music production, designed exclusively for Ableton Live. Taking advantage of the entire oral spectrum, this Pack focuses on the voice as a percussive instrument and provides all the elements of a drum kit, and much more. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Downtown offers the rich tonality and balanced character of a high quality concert grand. Tear up your tracks in real time building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will take your music to the next level.

MachineKits is a high-quality library of multi-sampled vintage eem machines, including a massively nuanced set capturing the quality of MFB Modular analog drums, plus quirky classics like the Acetone Rhythm Ace, Simmons SDS and more.

Analog emulates the unique circuitry and irresistible tweakability of vintage analog synthesizers. Effect Racks is a collection of over sophisticated audio effects engineered for instant sound sculpting.

The strings are struck with two thin bamboo mallets with soft leather tips. Designer Drums is a set of synthesized drums that demonstrate the versatility of Ableton Live 9's instruments and effects.

ZenPad — Oriental captures the spirit of the Orient with a variety ablefon instruments including Arabic style drum kits, various hand percussion, ney flutes, clarinets, violin and oud. Sometimes spelled khim, the instrument consists of a flat soundbox with 42 wire strings stretched across in 14 sets of 3.

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New in Live The Novachord is a gargantuan, entirely tube based, note polyphonic synthesizer with oscillators, filters, VCAs, envelope generators and even frequency dividers.

Each drum kit features a unique set of Macro controls for blending in textures and customizing the sound of both the whole kit and individual drum sounds. Carefully curated by Ableton, this Pack is perfect for creating tracks that radiate with saturated, indie vibes.

It lets bands maintain their natural groove when performing with Live. East Village represents the handcrafted quality of a legendary concert grand. Recording Hybrid Kit is bunxle free Pack consisting of a multi-sampled, multi-velocity Yamaha drumset.

Get inspired with an infinitely evolving set of beats and basslines, optimized for Ableton Live. Collision is a unique physical modeling instrument for authentic mallet sounds and creative percussion. Scope is dark, disturbing, and atmospheric; perfectly avant-garde.

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