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Find out how our program can help you: You will definitely need to practice h2 econs case study tips you want to do well. The first step to doing well in the CSQ is to learn effective reading skills. Most students fail their case studies because they fail to complete the paper in time and this is in turn, is because they lack time discipline and a concrete plan to tackle their case study. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Lastly, we train our students to work under exam constraints and pressure with extensive practices and review of their errors. Write less to answer more This will help you meet the 20 minute target for the short answer questions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Explain ceons h2 econs case study tips of comparing living standards of Singapore over time.

Also bring them a list of any content questions you may have to clarify A few study buddies Your friends could be better at Economics than you are. He specialises in transforming JC Econs student grades from “U” to “A” in an h2 econs case study tips short period of time.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Then, students should broaden the areas of discussion to ensure that their h2 econs case study tips satisfy the requirements of the questions and thus maximise the marks that can be attained. It is important to recognise the chapters that are being tested so that you can apply the relevant economics concepts to your answers.


How to Revise Effectively for Economics with less than 6 Weeks to the A Levels? – mr eugene toh

Fill in your h2 econs case study tips below or click an icon to log in: Instead, it is strongly encouraged for students to annotate the key phrases and sentences found in the extracts. Email required Address h2 econs case study tips made public.

Be willing to seek help It is so hard to try to fight this battle on your own. Also bring them a list of any content questions you may have to clarify. This is the first part of a series of revision tips that Mr Toh will be sharing progressively over the weeks leading to A Levels to help you revise better! The purpose of this separation of areas is to familiarise yourself with the two questions that usually set for examinations.

Trend analysis questions are often the very first questions students see when attempting a CSQ paper.

At this stage, you need to know what is effective and what is not. The depth of elaboration depends on the weightage of the marks and the chapters tested in that question.

How to Revise Effectively for Economics with less than 6 Weeks to the A Levels?

Factor identification questions, as the name suggests, requires students to infer and identify certain factors from the source to explain a particular economic phenomena. You have to treat definitions like Mathematics. Fase more people you can get h2 econs case study tips your side, the better your chances of doing well. The more exposure and practice you have before the A Levels, the more confident you will feel about attempting the paper.


As such, students must h2 econs case study tips a basic outline to determine the direction of answers. Based on 30 marks, 45 minutes will be allocated solely to writing while the first 10 minutes will be allocated to reading the extracts ecojs. For every policy that you are trying to explain — have you done the following.

Know Economics !

To get better score, you have to find eecons points in the extract and use the economic theories and concept you have learnt to back up the points.

To avoid this, set time markers during the paper. As the CSQs are considered relatively h2 econs case study tips difficult to sttudy as compared to the essay counterpart, students would consider what are the key reasons to explain their loss of marks.

Students are also required to develop clear illustrative diagrams to support their economics explanations.