When the autoload option is set off, the operator should manually unroll enough media before starting to cut. Always use a power cord that was delivered with your cutter. Verify that the stand is complete. Make sure the media is free to move forward and back. The extra rollers in the middle can be enabled or disabled. Otherwise, click Add Port OPOS is calibrated at the factory to work on a wide range of media.

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Keep fingers and other body parts away from the cutting area. For instance, if a cut line should measure mm exactly, the cutter can be adjusted for any discrepancy.


Press to perform the internal knife offset test. There are three additional alignment methods available on all SummaCut cutters: The use of dimensionally stable hp 7580b plotter is an essential pre- requisite to obtaining high cut quality. Got it, continue to print.

plootter If the flanges are not used not recommended — tracking is not guaranteedthen make sure that the roll is caught between the two flange guides.

User The names of the users can only be changed via the computer. The names of the users can olotter be changed via the computer. Media lengths larger than 8 m 26 feet can be handled, but compliance with specifications is not guaranteed will be dependent on media type, media size and hp 7580b plotter parameters not mentioned here. This submenu is used to set or modify the dialogue language on hp 7580b plotter touch screen.

Download WinLINE Classic Version 9

Turn the ballpoint pen clockwise all the way down. This will be hp 7580b plotter as the origin for the cutting. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The two flange guides serve to keep the media roll in place when media is pulled from the roll.

Plotter drivers for all plotters

Switch the cutter on and load black vinyl with white backing. The cutter will only be as accurate as the accuracy of the calibration.

OPOS is calibrated at the factory to work on a wide range of media. Press to confirm the new value, or press to exit the hp 7580b plotter without changing the value. Save the shipping box and any other packaging items in case the cutter needs to be shipped. Hp 7580b plotter The actions menu will appear on screen.

Insert the conical, non-cutting end of the knife into the opening in the narrow end of the holder; Two areas 1 are visible on the front side of the guide rail.

The models D, D and D are delivered with the stand and basket under in the box. Once a tool has been changed, then the tool parameters must be reset hp 7580b plotter checked. If so, you are ready to proceed to Part II. Simply turn out the knife see fig FIG to start cutting. On each tube, put the end cap 1 and the two saddle clips 2 to fix the tube in its place.

This allows the cutter to be quickly and easily reconfigured hp 7580b plotter different types of jobs hp 7580b plotter media. Make sure the knife blade 7580bb firmly fixed in the holder. Hp 7580b plotter changing the fuse, make sure that the cutter is completely disconnected from its power source.

The parameters of the RS connection must be set in either the properties of the COM port in the device manager or in the hhp software program itself. Knife, Pen And Pouncing Tool Repeat for the other drive sleeves.

Press twice to leave the menu, or once to choose and go to 6. If you are using sheets, there are hp 7580b plotter options: The cutter will make a circular movement while it measures the reflection of the media.

Summa S 75 User Manual

However, certain media — such as those with a high gloss — may not hp 7580b plotter with the default settings. Some software uses the Windows default serial port settings. Basic Operation 2 Basic Operation 2. Make sure the other end is not connected to the machine at the pltter.

After you agree to the license agreement, you will be prompted to connect your device to the computer. This barcode can then be used to identify hp 7580b plotter job and retrieve the needed cut data automatically from the computer.


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