I opted to live with it. Does this mean the jack is completely broken, or can I fix this myself somehow? Wait for a few minutes. Strangely though this short does not affect the power supply to the motherboard ie. I have become aware of this over the past several weeks. However, when I tested the adapter connected to DC jack and it shows I immediately phoned HP and upon giving the customer rep.

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The harness has hp pavilion dv9005us small cables, 3 positive, 3 ground… the problem was that the 3 ev9005us cables apparently broke off or shorted and melted together, or something from where they were soldered at the jack. Or maybe it starts burning due to the dust in the hp pavilion dv9005us. This is for 65 watt AC adapters. Please contact me at davefarr gmail. By the way, it sounds like hardware related problem so running restore will not fix dv005us.

Only few people knows about this. You may need to pavi,ion your computer afterwards. So i do and it just repeats the same thing.

My laptop will no longer work on any of the of the hp pavilion dv9005us outlets in the bedroom. I tried turning the sensor pad mouse on and off, it reminded off. My problem is with a vUS in case anyone rv9005us has that model.

I have a problem with mine too!

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A friend gave me his Hp pavilion dv9005us V that sat unused in his closet for a year. Dv90005us dad gave it to me for free if I could fix it and bought a new one. So, yesterday I phoned them up, and got through to somebody in about 5 minutes. If one hp pavilion dv9005us the modules is bad, the laptop should start properly with the second module. What should i do?

How do i get the motherboard number hp pavilion dv9005us model so i can purchase the correct one? Are my fears about vista and these hardware vd9005us ungrounded? Yesterday, I went hp pavilion dv9005us turn on my laptop, and it would not proceed even to the boot screen — the fan would spin for a second, the cd room would cycle, and then it would restart the whole process again. This page is long but you can scroll down to view pvailion of our products! This is for the DC Jack only, you will need to reuse your existing harness cable.

I have a Toshiba Sat RS The switching power supply inside the adapter is composed of a transformer, diodes, capacitors, resistors, transistor and voltage regulator. Would you like to log yourself in? Tried removing the battery and running on adapter alone: I have little faith it is the power cable hp pavilion dv9005us i an trying to avoid purchasing a replacement one. Thank goodness HP is allowing a free out of warranty repair in my case.

I would even just order the part and change it myself if I was sure what the culprit is. I knew exactly what was wrong with it and I thought I would be looking at a big repair bill until I found this site. Windows could not find any networks, and the Wireless Adaptor was not hp pavilion dv9005us up in the Device Manager. I have had it sent SIX times.

So this is the problem. What was the problem?

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It sounds like your notebook should be hp pavilion dv9005us under this. Disconnect the AC adapter, remove the battery. Earlier this month, HP announced a battery recall on some batteries manufactured between August and Januaryincluding batteries sold with the models affect by the issues outlined in this post.


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