Noise Emission Levels, Product Energy Consumption The power consumption levels listed in the previous table represent time-averaged measurements. Instantaneous power draws may be substantially higher than the average. Turn the printer off, wait about 10 seconds, and then turn the printer on. Open the front door, and remove the print cartridge assembly. Install the print cartridge assembly into the printer by aligning the arrows on the guides of the print cartridge assembly with the arrows on the tracks in the printer and pushing the print cartridge assembly in as far as it will go. Administrative support Disabling control panel menus Since many people could be using the printer, an administrator may choose to lock the control panel menus to keep others from changing menu settings from the control panel.

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The dust cover helps protect the tray from the environment.

Open your Web browser. Avoiding jams on page 18 or Storing print media on page Clearing a jam We recommend clearing the entire paper path when a paper jam occurs.

Clearing a jam in the manual feeder Remove the paper from the manual feeder. The nifoprint shows the ibm infoprint 1612 index on the control panel and the ibm infoprint 1612 and items available under each menu. Open the sheet tray.

A number of menus are available to make it easy for you to change printer settings. Curl can occur after the paper passes through the printer, where it is exposed to high temperatures. Administrative support Disabling control panel menus Since many people could imb using the printer, an administrator ibm infoprint 1612 choose to lock the control panel menus to keep others from changing menu settings ibm infoprint 1612 the control panel.

Adding A Memory Card The system board has one connector for an optional memory card. Make sure the paper is properly loaded in the source. imfoprint

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Table 162 Ibm infoprint 1612 Add to my manuals Add. Changing a toner cartridge Turn the printer off. Page 2 Additional caution statements throughout this document: Extended light exposure can cause ibm infoprint 1612 quality problems. Solving print quality problems Using Secure Mode IP Security provides authentication and encryption of communications at the network layer allowing all application and network communications over the IP protocol to be secure.

If an option does not operate correctly after it is installed or if it quits working: Excessive curl can cause paper feeding problems.

N1 – IBM InfoPrint DN Laser Printer – TechPartsWarehouse

A list of print jobs appears in the printer window. Page 7 The following illustration shows a rear view of the printer with ibm infoprint 1612 features labeled.

Orders processed and shipped from PI Warehouse.

Insert the sheet tray. You need to have a new toner cartridge available when the current one no longer prints satisfactorily. Press and release the Back button to return to the previous menu group.

You need ibm infoprint 1612 know your printer model type and serial number.

Turn the printer off, and unplug the infoprjnt cord from the wall outlet before continuing. Print media is loaded into both components in the same way. Page 21 Adjust the two side paper guides to touch lightly against the sides of ibm infoprint 1612 paper stack.

To condition it, store it in the same environment as the printer for 24 to 48 hours before printing to let ibm infoprint 1612 paper stabilize in the new conditions. Do not fold or crease the print media. Order a maintenance kit when 80 Scheduled maintenance first appears on the display.

Attach the dust ibm infoprint 1612 to the back of the printer by aligning the tabs on the incoprint to the holes on the printer, then infoprknt the cover into place. Onfoprint Kit 80 Scheduled maintenance appears on the display afterpages have printed to let you know it is time to replace printer maintenance items.

Please contact us by phone to verify availability and place an order. Adjust the rear paper guide, to the correct position for the size print media you are loading.


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