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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Many people have asked for a sample so they can see what DoStudio is capable of so we have posted a downloadable BD3D disc image encoded and authored with DoStudio 3D beta versions here: Blu-ray 3D sample disc encoded and authored with DoStudio - now available for download Posted by John Harrington on June 24, at

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To see actual short samples from the Ray3D video: Jun 30, at Phil Nick Constable said: BladeivJun 27, Has anybody any ideas? I foolishly assumed it was. The disc plays on the Sony but the output is 2D only.

Thats bugging me too.

Share Tweet Facebook Views: Jun 27, at 2: Jun 30, at 9: Hi Resolution x 57MB. Indeed it would be great! I blj being trying to complie a simple project for four weeks now and no lack.

Sign Up or Sign In. Last edited by a moderator: Have the demo file but can't play it trough media play? Low Resolution x 10MB. No-one answered my question. Jul 2, at OwenDarkoJun 29, OwenDarkoMay 14, Share This Page Tweet. Every time I create a project and save it the video segments get lost.

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Is this 3d "demo" free to distribute if it is why not post a direct link to the file, if not then your not allowed to distribute it by posting rapid share or other links on the forums. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Bladeiv if you are willing to put this on a dvd and post it it out lmkemail is "pk24uk. Does anyone have a copy of that video or know where I can get some 3D content from so I can see me screen in all it's 3D glory?

I may just try re-installing the OS and see if rya helps. If you would like to watch sample video clips in various formats, follow the steps b,u below.

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