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The result is a disturbing portrait of a very unconventional family. Documentaries Documentaries delving deeper in to real life stories, the world around us, and our past. But I do believe in influential films. Another was that it had to be made as a cartoon.

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Her films Saving Faceabout acid attacks in Pakistan, and A Girl in the Riverwhich tackled the subject of honour killings, both won Oscars for best short subject documentary. It tells the story of the Columbine high school massacre and the investigations that followed, but more than that it tells you about the National Rifle Association, about gun violence, about how schools in Michigan had become battlegrounds.

Documentary Films

Cuba was a mystery to many people when this film was made. David Attenborough reveals how the Galapagos Islands are adapting to a human revolution.

Maybe one of the most powerful scenes is of the Stones listening to a playback of Wild Horses in the studio. It was part of a very good BBC series on poverty.

The film records three different perspectives. It was under sanctions and closed off to the US. And the very end of the film includes just the slightest bit of real footage: He interacts with them in this dictatorial way, which makes the film ultimately about power and authority.

BBC - Documentary Films

It was a gripping drama but it also had an impact in the real world. It shows five different stories from different parts of the world.

Too often, documentaries are painful and difficult to watch, but this was a real pleasure. He crashed his plane over Laos and was taken prisoner by Laotian troops, then handed over to the Viet Cong. My film Gulag was pretty directly inspired by it, documentaryy I would never claim to any of its greatness.

Another was that it had to be made as a cartoon. What amazed me was the access: She is currently working on a follow-up to Buena Vista Social Club. This episode follows a bomb that fell on Martindale Road in East London on the first night. I loved the decision to shoot it like a heist movie, showing documrntary Petit and his gang staked out the towers and set up the rope without anyone noticing.

The director Georges Franju went on to have a career doing very artistic horror movies in French cinema, most famously a film called Les Yeux Sans Visage. His documentaries include Nelson Mandela: It took something so horrible but found a way to go to the heart of the matter through simple details.

50 documentaries you need to see | Film | The Guardian

People were arrested for screening it. David Attenborough investigates the remarkable real life story of Jumbo the elephant. Both were nominated for Oscars. Episode 4 — Rick Stein's Road To Mexico, Series 1 Rick explores the metropolis that gave us mariachis and dishes like chilli con carne.

But I do believe in influential fklms. Herzog takes him back to revisit the whole ordeal and meet his former captors. Wiseman is probably my favourite film-maker in fiction or nonfiction, and Primate meant a lot to me because I made a film filmw Project Nim ] that emerged from some of its ideas.

He demands that people cry on command. Wonders of the Night Sky — The Sky at Night Celebrating the ancient art of looking up, studying and marvelling at the night sky.


It was banned by the BBC for many years because it was just too harrowing a depiction of a reality that everyone at that time was very concerned about: These are five of mine. There was something really affecting about that. I think he was feeling:

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