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Keep up the good work. Try copying to the hard drive first, then to the recorder. Why do I keep getting a hardware error no reason error? Windows corrected this bug with the release of Media Player 7.

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My computer only has one drive bay available for the CDRW drive. Also, give your CD the professional DJ feel by using the crossfade feature to fade an one song and fade in the next song at the same time.

Why am I getting a Buffer size too big to handle error? Windows corrected this bug with the release of Media Player 7. Once the label or cover is finished you can print it straight away or save the file in several graphic formats.

Does your software support writing to the entire length of minute CDs? Try copying to the hard drive first, then to the recorder. Try a different source disc Make sure everything is turned off in systray bottom RH corner Click on CD Copy, go to Tools and click on Advanced, then slide the Cache small size file to Promote cracked software, or other illegal content.

It's small, but we liked that you could grab individual files or whole folders to burn. Live Audio is a real time recording, which requires the drive to be able to record at 1x.

CD-Maker has some default settings that actually decide what's best for the CD you're burning. When I use the Live Audio feature, why is the software telling me that my drive does not support 1x recording?

If they are not in the correct format you can use a third party software such as Cool Edit www. Some ways to prevent buffer under run errors are as follows: Thank You for Submitting Your Review,!

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Does your software support Burnproof technology? This could be one bad disc or a batch of bad discs. The new Professional Edition is a superbly elegant fvd that simplifies the process of CD creation and duplication to an extreme. Please check with your drive manufacturer to confirm. OLD These files are used by Adaptec: It's easy to use, fast and flexible. Unfortunately, this is a Windows limitation and is a common issue with other writing software.

If possible, log out of any networks. If you need more text just open up a new text box. CD Writing is real time process which must run constantly at the selected recording speed, without interruptions.

Can I avoid buffer underruns to alleviate burning coasters? Cx Windows 98 disc. The only other cause would be a makrr unit.

Express Burn CD and DVD Burner Free

Great for making multiple copies of the same disc in a snap! That's also easy to do: In the Save In field you should see c: Select type of offense: If you're looking for a free app to burn nearly any type of disc with pictures, audio files, and more, Express Burn Disc Burning Software Free delivers.

Please look at our support drive list on our WEB site to verify compatibility: Cdmkr 32 This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down details Cdmkr 32 caused an invalid page fault in module SHELL Choose MP3 or wav.

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