Computer network ppt

May have duplication in resources Difficult to uphold security policy Difficult to handle uneven loading Where peer-to-peer network is appropriate: The term network operating system, however, is generally reserved for software that enhances a basic operating system by adding networking features. Analyze your topic What are you searching?

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Centrally manage network resources, such as programs, data and devices.

Using a Browser You need to be familiar with the features of your web browser and know how to use it enter a URL in the location or address bar to visit a particular web site open, resize, close a browser window locate and use the navigation tools on your browser ie. Published by Darrius Gripp Modified over 4 years ago.

What type of information do you want? Formulate your search strategy Formulating your search strategy beforehand allows you to search for information systematically It also saves you a lot of time and money if you are paying for Internet access by the minute Your search strategy should be based on your information need Information Technology Center.

Meta-search engines, invisible web, specialized search engines and other search tools and services use the same basic principles in locating your information need Ideally combinations of both browsing and keyword searching simple and advanced will yield more accurate results Information Technology Center.

Clearly define what we are looking for Become familiar with the information resources and different search tools available via the Internet Learn how to use at least one or two of the search tools effectively Create and try your own search strategy Evaluate retrieved information and cite the source properly Information Technology Center. Auth with social network: Spend time reading the Help files to netwofk its features and capabilities Information Technology Center. Ensure efficient use of a server's capabilities.

What is the Internet? Searching and Researching on the Internet and World Wide. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Tips in finding information on the Internet Read the netwoek screens and search tips Utilize two or more search tools Use any advanced features of the search engine Use services which index quality sites Evaluate the results Download the information Cite your source properly Information Technology Center.

Generally there are two ways of using search tools and services Browsing — usually applied to directories where subjects are arranged hierarchically Keywords search — search box is provided for entering keywords to search the database Simple search — search on the keywords Advanced search — search can be refined using various techniques Information Technology Center.

We think you have liked negwork presentation.


About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Each Internet tool and service provides help files that can guide you in utilizing it more effectively Information Technology Coputer.

Simple keywords search Type keywords on the search boxpress Enter on the keyboard and then select from the results Information Technology Center. Net surfing —involves scanning pages and clicking on links randomly Using a URL — quickest way to find information on the Internet but you must know where it is located Use search tools and services — can assist you in locating the information you need among the vast amount of information available on the Net Information Technology Center.

Other search tools and services Virtual Reference Libraries — online dictionaries, indexes, etc.


Do I have enough or too much information? Most if not all of the Internet tools and services can be used through the World Wide Web To be able to comphter the search tools on the Web to find computet resources on the Net one must first know how to use a browser Features and functions of available search tools and services vary accordingly, one must be familiar with at least two or more search tools to become effective in finding information Information Technology Center.

Learn how to use the search tools Being familiar with most of the major search tools and their capabilities allows you to zero in on your search Netwwork how to use Boolean logic, phrase searching, truncation, field searching, etc. Simple search strategy pick your site learn to use the search tools choose your words carefully vary your spelling know how to widen your search know how to use the refining techniques use multiple search engines use meta-search engines use specialized search engines reuse your search Information Technology Center.

Ethernet Based on a ring topology; but can use a star topology; Token-passing scheme to prevent collision of data; The second most widely-used protocol after Ethernet. Browsing subject directories From the home page you start with a broad subject area and follow the links to more specific areas until you reach the subject you wish to explore, then you click on one of the displayed results to go to the selected page document Information Technology Center.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Internet-based, so everyone can access the same administrative or support application from their PCs Information Technology Center.

Secure access to a network. Meta-search engines Send your search query to several search engines simultaneously and give you a consolidated report of their findings Examples Metacrawler — Dogpile — ProFusion — Information Technology Center. Analyze your topic Choose the search tool you need Learn how to use the search tools Formulate your search strategy Search with a question in mind Information Technology Center.

May have duplication in resources Difficult to uphold security policy Difficult to handle uneven loading Where peer-to-peer network is appropriate: Protocol — lets the computer know how to process the information it receives Domain name — Internet address of the computer hosting the site and storing the documents Path — lets the computer which directory and file to access Information Technology Ptp.

Scan the content of the material to find out if it newtork anything of value Evaluate the website for accuracy and authority Information Technology Center. This is the physical infrastructure networkk backbone of computers.

Introduction to Computer Administration.

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