Damo korean drama

They were not free from the suffocating society full of prejudice on class and sex. See all large images 1. Yet, it has an almost voracious power, from start to finish, engulfing the viewer in its strange world. Joseon Yeohyeongsa Damo ; lit. The 80s brought many changes, including color TV, but some of the best writers of the genre started making their first important steps in the arena.

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The first Police Bureaus, back then named 'Right' and 'Left' Bureaus, in this series' case - left appeared inthe 12th year of Seongjong's reign, but it wasn't until years later that the first Damo were starting to be used. Comments which break the rules will be moderated or erased.

The main theme song sung by dramma is amazing There was the intrigue and political scheming for the older male viewers, the melodrama and love stories albeit in dramz much subtler way than the average Trendy Drama for younger females, some action for the boys, and an overall allegorical, inspirational feeling which appealed to everyone.

Damo (TV Mini-Series – ) - IMDb

Its story is very touching You didn't just have a bunch of numbers, but a collection of a thousand, ten thousand, sometimes a hundred thousand opinions. I treasured this drama for 3 years dra,a actually watching it, I'm disappointed.

They essentially brought Mania Dramas to the mainstream. Retrieved from " http: Kwon Oh Joong Main Cast. Historical Dramas on TV used to be almost documentary-like historical accounts, following their original text sometimes even to an intimidating degree.

I love the cast, but the episodes from give me a headache- It made me hate the main characters, sadly Chae-ohk as well, which I loved so much. Such an enchanting music for the opening of this drama. It was the ideal day to walk around and attempt to see all of the acres of land where Joseon era homes, businesses, goods, food, and drink are preserved and reproduced for the modern day public.

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With beautiful cinematography, high-caliber special effects, exciting action choreography, and innovative storylines, Damo set a new high standard for historical dramas. There were only a handful of occupations left for women: But this also had a positive effect, as the Production Company had more time to cut the rough edges, and offer a product with higher production values, and more polished and good looking than most other competitors.

But of course it wasn't easy to find her Korean drams. Damo changed TV Dramas forever, because it was a wake up call for both Historical Drama writers, who focused only on certain elements and certain target demographics, and the station themselves, which often spent big money on huge projects without looking at whom daamo wanted dfama target first.

Although their role in the force was important, they were discriminated against for essentially being glorified commoners, doing the dirty work instead of the male officers.

Damo: The Legendary Police Woman

Instead when he becomes a police commander, she joins his bureau as a damo to continue being near him and working with him. So given how the drama turned out, the ending was suitable. Damo is really my favorite Korean drama and Ha Ji-won is simply the best!

My problem was not with the story, I liked it, the execution was tiresome. Shows that can appeal to the history buff dsmo as much as the teenagers who watch Dramas for the actors' physical appearance.

Joseon Yeohyeongsa Damo ; lit. Comics In Japanese In Chinese.

Never heard of this until my brother told me to look for Damo. After changing the structural and genre-specific fabric of Historical Drama, MBC was going to try something very risky, innovative and even problematic.

Brigitte Lin and her strong female roles. HistoricalRomanceCrimeTragedy Daom It takes your heart along with the emotional roller coaster, until the end when it just tears your heart apart shamelessly and throws the pieces back at you.

What they did was really simple: Dsmo is a best film i have seen. The struggles and the triumphs of the 4 main characters for me they were Yoon, Ohk, Sung Baek, and Soo Myung was awesome. Damo might be a landmark for what it meant to the industry as a whole, but it's also a memorable Drama, one of the best of the last few years, for blending so many of the elements which make Korean TV Dramas worth watching into something fresh, consistently engaging and tremendously well produced.

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