Home depot kitchen design

Unfortunately I was in her scope but luckily I found another job. I liked my positions there and the pay was very satisfactory. I loved designing kitchens and baths but did not like working at Home Depot. Typical Customer Service Position.

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The Home Depot Employee Reviews for Kitchen Designer

They try to keep everyone as part time employees to eliminate the need of benefits. I loved designing kitchens and baths but did not like working at Home Depot. I left only because I had my daughter and wanted to stay home with her until she could kitchhen preschool. Have always kktchen in The Home Depot wether it was employment or their virtues and treatment of employees. HD as a whole is a great company to work for. Sometimes it can get a little crazy. I am planning to pursue transfers within the company if can find one that does not require a large commute.

Good place to work if you are part time. Very good training facilities, Good coordination among various disciplines. Not those that actually know about the home improvement industry.

Working at the Home Depot was one of my favorite places. I have learned an amazing amount of useable material at Home Depot and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

No review Company was good fepot the beginning when I worked there but deteriorated to a difficult place to work in a semi hostile environment. Each associate is empowered to help the customer. Great benefits but eesign pay for overworked employees.

Working as a Kitchen Designer at The Home Depot: Reviews | neonet-browser.com

Large turnover in staff. Bring back the old. Hopefully your a manager's favorite. They do have decent benefits however. Typical customer service position. A good thing is not worrying for the clientele, as customers walk in - many times without appointments. At this moment I would not recommend any adult to work here. Nice place delot learn. This company is for young college students. I do not recommend working for them.

There needs to be more staff in the evening when people are shopping not working. Take black Friday desiign instance, but that's just the nature of the industry. Great people but coming from an office environment to a warehouse was an adjustment.

Hot, humid and sweaty in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

Homedepot Virtual Kitchen Showroom

Management can be helpful but often is under experienced and trained in modern management skills. I have grown as a person a great deal due to the management, mentorship and extensive training.

No consistency in schedule. I liked my positions there and the pay was very satisfactory. Several family members have worked for them.

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