We also work on alternate strategies, cost-benefit analysis and funnel-down the best-possible solutions for you.

On a broader scale, SSC is improving its decision-making processes by embedding it infrastructure services business plan results in internal reporting and review mechanisms. She also manages personal finance blogs for companies internationally.

The Department is working closely with bargaining agents to take employee and organizational needs into account and to seek collaborative solutions. Also, tiger teams comprised of SSC employees were established in March and are working on recommendations to address key workplace culture issues in —17 and beyond.

Integrated Business Plan 2014–15

NEUB will also support enhanced telecommunications and network services to improve ubsiness, mobility and capacity at the enterprise level while delivering savings for Canadians. Indeed, departments and agencies government-wide have become increasingly aware of the growing security risks to their infrastructure and data.

There is a risk that SSC will be unable to invest in, recruit, mobilize and retain a workforce it infrastructure services business plan the right skills and capacity to support current, transitional and future business needs. To ensure its services meet the requirements of departments, SSC is implementing a comprehensive service strategy that sets out how it will deliver enterprise IT infrastructure services, including roles and responsibilities and service targets.

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Placed some text on the particular report, then a few more. In a government-wide context, SSC has made notable progress towards its Blueprint commitments and has already achieved tangible results: Text version of Figure 4: Software services are currently provided under contracts, and SSC aims to reduce the total number of contracts to Last year was a time of great change for SSC.

Increase the servicees and effectiveness of internal services. Advance the adoption of an integrated, client-centric delivery model for internal services. To better it infrastructure services business plan these relationships, Busoness has standardized the following terms:.

Integrated Business Plan 2016–2017

SSC has analyzed its experience to date and determined that it cannot achieve its mandate without a new and comprehensive business model. Implement a comprehensive service strategy, catalogue and performance measurement and reporting processes 2.

What systems changes are required?

How to Plan a Business Infrastructure. Where To Start May 4, Enterprise-wide, the IT infrastructure was underutilized and not designed to support modern government operations.

IT Infrastructure Planning: Where To Start

As of December 4,SSC has successfully migrated 51, mailboxes. My Service Canada Account. The Academy is a community of continuous learning which acts as the focal point for all learning, development and career management within SSC, which gives employees the tools to progress their careers. As part of the planning process, SSC identifies it infrastructure services business plan that could have an impact on the achievement of our objectives.


If you do not already have such a reader, there are numerous Servides readers available for it infrastructure services business plan download or for purchase on the Internet:.

The IT infrastructure that supports government programs and services is aging, vulnerable it infrastructure services business plan security risks and inefficient. As noted earlier, the Transformation Plan is currently infdastructure revision and is composed of the following six programs: You can count on our support as together we continue to build One SSC.

This year will see a shift from planning to implementation. In —17, SSC will put more emphasis on communications and engagement of employees to continue building the Blueprint culture going forward. The Office of Audit and Evaluation also supports the Department’s open and cooperative relationship with various federal oversight entities, such as the Office of the Auditor General it infrastructure services business plan the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman, by providing a single point of coordination thereby ensuring a unified departmental approach and response.