Some mechanisms are different in the cartridges, notably the encoder wheel which is part of the toner sensor. Lexmark Optra S , , added , 16ppm, xdpi. Turning machines off when they are not used would be a definite benefit. The engine is capable of a x dpi print resolution. Used on the Optra S and other models – 99A

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Used on the Optra etc and T etc – 99A Turning machines off when they are not used would be a definite benefit. Lexmark Optra S, added16ppm, xdpi.

Print speed on these printers varies with model from lexmark optra s 1250 pages per minute which may be further limited on complex pages by processor abilities to 34ppm for the Se Used on the Optra S etc and T etc – – 99A Later models could take 4 trays, duplex, envelope feeder and lexmark optra s 1250 x sheet output expanders. At this point the fuser assembly, transfer roller, compensator pick rolls and charge roll should all be changed.

The series proved succesful and new models were introduced over the next few years.

Lexmark Optra S 1250 Supplies

Lexmark optra s 1250 numbers for printers are given below these are likely to be US part numbers and not all are known.

Other memory part numbers – these aren’t found in Lexmark Parts Store and are probably obsolete versions of those above.

MarkNet S internal Network Adapters: Optional flash memory modules and hard disks are available for storing fonts, electronic forms and macros.

The has a faster MHz processor and publicity says “even most lexmark optra s 1250 jobs printing at or near rated engine speed”. The Optra Setc have a sheet tray, multipurpose feeder and a standard output bin.

Two line 16 character LCD display with menu buttons in Lexmark’s old style. Faster printers use a more powerful heater because they need lexmark optra s 1250 raise more paper to printing temperature in a short period of time. lexmaark

Lexmark Optra S Toner Cartridges & Supplies

This series of Lexmark printers largely take the same large cartridges. Many of the components are common between the printers so the difference in duty cycle figures presumably opgra what Lexmark were willing to support under warranty rather than any difference in printer construction.

The basic printer has a sheet input tray and a fold-down multipurpose feeder. The two cartridges lexmark optra s 1250 very similar but the toner weight is grams in the standard device lexmark optra s 1250 grams in the high capacity unit. These printers are all well beyond any manufacturer warranty.

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Lexmark Optra S, added12ppm, xdpi. The engine is optrx of a x dpi print resolution. The slows to 8ppm at dpi. For the faster printers used by corporates the parts are available optrq maintenance kits.

Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. Lexmark Optraimage S m Lexmark part data has no record Lexmark Optra Se, Some Lexmark documentation implies that there was an S however this seems to be a misprint for the S The Paper lexmark optra s 1250 is A4 or US letter lexmark optra s 1250.

For Optra Se – 12A Fuser: It is intended that the fuser and paper path rollers be changed at the same time. Some pictures derived from Lexmark User and Service guides. All Optra Lexmark optra s 1250 printers use the same cartridges. Output is to the top of the printer. The will usually deliver dpi documents at full engine speed. We also use Google Analytics to track site usage patterns.


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