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The Terrorists must prevent the hostages from being rescued. It can take up to 10 hits to kill if you go for all body shots with this gun. This weapon is somewhat accurate at long range, but most deadly at medium or close range. Global Offensive introduced cosmetic knives that function identically to the basic knife but can be only received by unboxing. Gordy Husky Doggo Aug 11 8:

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If the bomb explodes, the Terrorists will win the round. This item has been added to your Favorites. This is a huge advantage if you are playing in a league with the 16K start money system.

The other criteria was realism and what weapons the factions would likely be using in real-life. You only have 7 shots, so you wweapons want to spray these shots. Retrieved from " http: At long range, you are going to want to burst with this gun. Weaponssindustrial themed map. There are only two shotguns in Counter-Strike prior to Global Offensive: Victory can also be attained by eliminating the opposing team. If your team can limit itself to 1 awp, you will be able to buy almost every round assuming you can win a few rounds or get a few bomb plants.


The tracer appears as a small white flash that travels along the trajectory of the bullet. Platinum Collection include this edition of the game. In all cases, the two teams are the Counter-Terrorists face off against the Terrorists. By the fifth beta, Valve Software started actively participating in the development and ultimately bought the rights to the game and offered the original developers jobs at the company which both of them accepted.

For categorization purposes, this wiki will categorize weapons from a real-life standpoint, loosely applying the categories of the original Counter-Strike. Design Disease Theme is created by: Aztecjungle themed map. This is the only edition that is still supported and is still occasionally being updated. Shotguns are a type of primary weapon featured in the Counter-Strike series. This weapon if very accurate at long range, but still very lethal at close range. There are a total of 25 weapons in most Counter-Strike games, and another 19 weapons added in Global Offensive10 of which are replacements of old weapons, giving a net total of 9 new weapons with wholly unique properties and roles and a combined total of 34 weapons.

In October it was stated that the mod version of the game would be released as soon as the retail version had gone gold.

Sign up or Login. In most games, a player may only carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and a melee weapon.

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Usp Tactical This is the standard CT pistol. This can cause severe burns in real life as the ejected cartridges may fly towards the person who is using the weapon in which this serious issue is reflected with left-handed infantry who had to wield weapons meant for right-handed individuals. Nevertheless, they are still useful for cash-strapped teams. Most of the information wezpons the weapons themselves was sourced from the internet or from gun magazines.

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At medium to close range, I would suggest going for headshots. The key to using the deagle is to make every shot count.

As of December 3,Counter-Strike has sold over 4. All of these mods included only the multiplayer component.

If you're playing for the Terrorist team, you're in a much worse ccs - you get Glock. This also results in extremely awkward bolt pulls in bolt-action rifles since the nondominant left hand holding the front of the weapon now needs to move back and pull the left-facing bolt back towards the user's chest. Their cheap prices also make them good weapons to use on eco rounds.

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