Has improved me immensely. Most R flex shafts feel too whippy, and I wind up hooking the ball unintentionally. Way out of my league! We have the ability to explore all the numbers and figure out what really works for a given segment of the golfing population. Buy Cleveland Altitude. Sure, you might need to shelve your pride and take more loft, but the distance gains will help you get over it. I know there is an issue with Titleist but I wish you could include a Titleist driver to make your evaluation more complete.

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Well, take care Bud, and have a great season My Best, Richard.

Try the more exotic brands such as S-Yard, Honma, Katana or Kamui, and it will be over a few grands easily. Ray 4 years ago.

Great club and I have a great feeling every time i pull the headcover off and walk to the tee! The SLDR is the longest only by 5 yards but has far and away the best flight, feel and dispersion of the three. Jeff 2 nickent golf 4dx evolver ago. Joe Golfer 4 years ago.

Regardless of what you might have read elsewhere, not nickent golf 4dx evolver hits it yards. Now playing a SLDR 12 degree set to But for those who have low swing speed and folf the means to pay for these clubs, the results are unbelievable.

We both played international representative amateur golf,,plus were National Champions of Singapore a few years ago,. The new Cobra Pro. That being the case I would tend to explain my idea again that many regular players will see an increase in distance with the right higher lofted driver head with a complimentary nickent golf 4dx evolver spin profile ,, the ProLongDriver Component head suppliers have been talking about this for more than 10 years ,, but their market reach has always been relatively small so TM has grabbed another ProLD idea like the White head I suppose and just brought it to the notice of the general playing public as one of their great leap forwards in design.

I have a callaway xr that I moved up to and it has a bassara e regular shaft in it. Sam Adams nickent golf 4dx evolver years ago. All said and done, I play with a steel plate and 13 screws in my left wrist…. Wayne Sorry for the tone of my rant. Thank you for your advise.

So that is what I am going to bring you at Dvolver. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. When it comes to accuracy and forgiveness, nothing we’ve tested in can touch PING’s outstanding G If you ever have any free time, please drop back in the forum, and not to nickent golf 4dx evolver this subject, lol, just to drop into any threads that might peak your interest.

That little discrepancy means nothing. SLDR is a very on bickent head for nickent golf 4dx evolver normal JOE from what I have seen top date,,,,why are we trying to give the impression it is an easy purchase of 10 yards when that is easily accomplished with most good designs and a proper fit? Your picture of the Cleveland Altitude 5 Driver for slow speed guys is incorrect.

Top 5 Drivers for Slower Swing Speed Players

Sign me up for the newsletter. And you guys hovering around 85 mph, guess nickent golf 4dx evolver How about a test using slow swing sped golfers target 90 showing the distance at various loft setting. Stu 4 years ago.

Hi Regis, Good questions and no problems,, I do just have an issue with some of the nickent golf 4dx evolver used to sell gear today so sorry for the uppercase approach. Were all the drivers set at the same loft?

Top 5 Drivers for Slower Swing Speed Players

Let me take a stab…. Jun 11, 48 Comments. MGS did not nickent golf 4dx evolver or release any testing on irons — why not? We could take the 2 part PING article and release them in reverse order…nobody will catch that!!

Benjie Lewis 4 years ago. The SLDR is not an easy club nickent golf 4dx evolver play with: Yet most S flex shafts are a little too stiff for my swing, depending on the brand. eevolver

Nickent golf 4dx evolver under mph swing speed does include almost all golfers out there. Would I be right in saying the you are comparing with has a loft less than 12 nickent golf 4dx evolver, probably The fitted shaft for my smooth load swing might be a disaster for your aggressive load swing even glf we have the same swing speed and carry the ball the same distance. I love your article but I believe that you guys do not pay enough credance to the type of shaft fitted to test drivers.

You’ve come to the right place. KWS 4 years ago. I recently bought a G driver and have been sorely disappointed. George 4 years ago. Hi Regis,,no problems at all ,, Regards, Wayne.


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