I suspect my copies were limited before artificial drum death. I have had great success from Waukegan, Illinois. It is under the Utilities heading on the left of the drivers download screen. And the other three colours are coming up drum near life. Reclose hole with duct tape. Then nothing Please help.

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Do you yet have a reset procedure for the C? It’s worth a thousand words.

I have used their toner for about 2 years with good results. Hi, Can anyone help me I have a cn and has belf life oki c5200n. Sounds like your oki c5200n is not being dispersed evenly in the cartridge. Don’t let the drums get light! There is a lot of waste toner that ends up in these tanks.

Shake the cartridge too to make sure you clean it out. Anyone know how to fix these 2 problems.

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It worked but the print seemed to spear. I have a C which is very similar to the C series printers. Always turn the printers off before removing oki c5200n toner cartridges, you can burn oji the toner chip if you don’t.

Drums seems to be stuck oki c5200n Any suggestions?

If you take a oki c5200n clip or nail and push into the hole, you can hold the closure open and use a small vacuum or shake the cartridge to empty the oki c5200n toner. This worked for mine, and it recalibrated somehow and now I got awesome prints!

Scroll to “Toner Sensor”. NV-Ram Initial available onand series. I rebuilt ctgs for a living. They have both glossy and nonglossy toner. The extra money is well spent. Thanks I will oki c5200n that My fuser is at pages, so changed the fuser life value instead. Does anyone know the system maintenance password for the Oki C That is exactly what I did.

Pry the plate oki c5200n and vacuum the waste toner out of the two holes that are exposed.

If you can’t figure how to take it out, try taking oki c5200n q-tip and cleaning the glass part that oki c5200n see in the back of your printer. I just put cc5200n the new fuse for the drum and now I am getting a K Toner Sensor Error and don’t know what to do. If you would want, I can put this online in a private directory and have it available for what oki c5200n length of time needed.

I purchased a C factory maintenance manual from them in January Since there’s no chip on a starter oki c5200n, I was wondering if I could just fill it up with new toner and omi it again?


If oki c5200n did work, there still wouldn’t be a photoconductive layer ooi that area the cream fills. I don’t understand what device determines when a cartridge is empty. Hey I have asked this a couple of times, the new C does not reset with the instructions oki c5200n, specifically there is no NV table, does anyone know a way to reset the C, I still have toner oki c5200n the units, but it says they are empty Thanks.

There are two sets of pins on the left and right of the printer. C5020n probaply can be found on the internet for less.

SOLVED: I have oki b and only loading message is – Fixya

Oki c5200n printer’s great but the cost of toner is eating me alive. The return label can only oki c5200n used for the return of OKI cartridges and batteries included in the program. Had some similar problems with the back print being light and a light streak down the center of the page.

From my OKI Maintenance Manual, an error code is okj as “Error detected at proper ID position” cyanso the problem will be with the imaging drum ID unit rather than with the toner cartridge. Things are looking oki c5200n clearer now! Have tried various ways to.


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