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Think about it, how often do you afk? Boy did that amazing decision come back to haunt me. The regulators cops, Jagex being imperfect is just an excuse for cheaters, not the reason for their actions. Made a randomized autoclicker in python for fun, used for 30 seconds to see how it works it works , never touched it again and months later my friend still sends me screenshots of people getting banned for autoclicking saying "they always find out be careful" even though I've explained why I made it to him again and again Depends on account age.

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I don't think anyone really needs this question runescwpe, anyone who knows what it is knows the answer already. I want something i can download the client to because my laptop is just gash. Thank you for joining Jagex's affiliate marketing team, two shekels have been added to your account.

Even for an auto clicker.

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So just remaping the click to a button without paying an expert to do it for us, we could auto click fairly by accident It's pretty obvious that an autoclicker is clickfr. I was alching my slayer tab, not for exp.

Contrary to what some people are saying, you can get permed on first offence. Don't post your streams. What that unit urnescape Both accounts were fresh so I doubt account age matters.

If you're cleaning your slayer tab out there would be a shitload of different stacks and you wouldn't be able to just leave it at and go afk. Can you use touchscreen without issues and being flagged?

It is 3rd party software interacting with the game so yes its not allowed. Runesfape time the behavior becomes clear, and Jagex knows this. I was also talking about training slayer on my main on that post. You get banned days even weeks after you get caught. Can't get much more realistic than that lol.

One got done for botting and the other got done for auto clicking. You gotta use current software. Wouldn't be doing it if Jagex could do their fucking jobs. Hard to feel bad for you when you knew what the consequence is. Same pixel every 5 seconds times is not suspicious at all This one will earn you a ban.

It was manual permanent ban though which I assumed meant that a j mod caught me. Pseudorandom is NOT the same thing as human. The contents of this message have been hidden.


Or they turn their mouse upside or hold it up so it doesn't move. It's gotta be appealable then right? The contents of this message have been hidden.

That would be a mechanical bot and a bannable offense if used. Almost max cmb other than prayer. Yes you do get permanent banned first time and yes they ban for botting that quick it happened to me, I've heard of people getting banned for a few days their first time but aito of what I've seen firsthand and people I know is permanent ban first time offence.

Is autoclicker botting? - Old School Advice - RuneScape Forum

People who buy more than 10 bonds from the website, instantly goes to another category of player base, the more you buy the safer your account is. Dont feel too bad.

Still kind of holds true to my point, there are more efficient ways to set up auto clicks on a computer. I agree with that.

This is just propaganda to stop people from auto clicking.

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