Airport fire simulator

Follow us on Instagram TheXboxHub. Well the shift starts at 6am and finishes twenty fours later. You'll need to be vigilant both day and night, and when the worst happens you'll be driving ultra-realistic specialist fire fighting vehicles across 20 square kilometres of airport.

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Fire can be a friend but it can also be a firf foe! The firemen are so similar in fact that I had to restart the tutorial a few times because I ended up following the wrong clone, thinking it was the chief. Only the finest firefighters can operate in an environment where one small spark can lead to disaster.

Airport Firefighter Simulator - PC -

By courtesy of Rosenbauer International AG. Experience the thrilling life of an Airport Firefighter. Aim high with Project Highrise: The mentioned bug where you have to follow the chief for a 10 minute walk-around through the station on EVERY start, the really bad driving physics of the vehicles and a lot of stupid in-game behaviors i.

Apart from my clone friends, there is no one. Then there is the pride and joy of the department — the Panthers. This is the worse firefighter game ever and not even worth a dollar! This induction seemed to take a lifetime and basically consisted of him pointing out runway after runway. Nowhere are the dangers more apparent than in a modern airport where thousands of travellers are in close proximity to highly flammable aviation fuel and hazardous materials.

So what is the routine shift pattern of an airport fireman? Never got the the fun part if there is one. You then have a fire truck with some hoses — which never seem to be connected to the truck — and some cooling fans. Drive ultra-realistic renditions of specialist fire fighting vehicles, across 20km2 of airport, including the famed PANTHER, each vehicle complete with unique equipment ready to be pressed into service for any eventuality.

Airport Fire Department I can live out my lifelong dream of being a fireman. But I was ready now, fully trained and prepared for my dreams to come true. This is a game? The soundtrack is annoying though, so turn it off and sort your own musical accompaniment instead.

Panther buttons 4 and 5 - Airport Firefighter Simulator Answers for PC

Dramatic rescue missions such as plane crashs and burning jet turbines are challenges which you have to solve. Fast reactions are needed to fight the fire and to bring dangerous situations under control. Euro Simulatkr Simulator 2 Gold. It was all about the uniform, the brilliant red fire truck, the sirens, the adventure, the heroism and of course the poles. Across these 24 hour shifts, you might get five to six call outs, which obviously begs the question as to what you can do to pass the rest of the time?

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Split second decision making and nerves of steel simuoator essential — can you take the heat? It is full of blocky graphics and vacant rooms which are straight out of a corporate training video for an air conditioning firm. You start the game on your first day as a trainee fireman at an airport fire station somewhere in Germany.

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About Contact Showcase your skills. You'll need to be vigilant both day and night, and when the worst happens you'll be driving ultra-realistic specialist fire fighting vehicles across 20 square kilometres of xirport.

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Be the first one! This is just the first of many disappointments and the shattering of my dreams. Just take a youtube-search for this game look for "Flughafenfeuerwehr-Simulator 'cause it's a german game sirport and witness bad graphics and a horrible gameplay!

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