By spelling out duties in terms of goals or expected results, advance notice is given to the subordinates as to the criteria on which their performance will be judged. Delegation of authority is the key to organisation and no organisation structure can exist without delegation of authority.

Duties of subordinates become clear to them only when they understand what research paper on delegation of authority they must undertake and what results they must show.

Article Tools Print this article. In the process of delegating authority, the executive gives permission to the subordinates to use certain rights, such as the right to spend money, to use raw materials, etc.

The study has recommended in the need to activating administrative delegation authority of employees in Great Irbid Municipality Delwgation. Once a subordinate has accepted the job assigned to him the power of carry out, his responsibility to the superior is absolute. Sample of the study represented by employees in which they are embedded in central and executive management through a random sampling reached to employees from total Hence subordinates should always be placed under the control, guidance and supervision of one research paper on delegation of authority who will set up work priorities and will arrange for co-operation.

So delegation provides facility for the expansion of the business. To delegate duties, the manager has to decide what part of his work he will keep for himself and what research paper on delegation of authority will be transferred to his subordinates.


By forcing subordinates to assume greater responsibility and make important decisions, the superior insists on the development of subordinates, executive talents.

Journal Metrics Google-based Impact Factor If, for example, authority exceeds responsibility ddelegation subordinate may be tempted to misuse it. There should be equality between authority and responsibility, otherwise many undesirable effects may arise in the organisation.

It is the key to organisation. If it is not accepted, delegation is only attempted.

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Delegation permits the subordinates to enlarge their jobs, to develop their capacity and to broaden their understanding. The study aimed at identifying the impact of the delegation of authority on employees’ performance at great Irbid municipality. Email resewrch author Login required. Delegation enables the managers to distribute their workload.

It creates an obligation on the part of the subordinates to perform duties satisfactorily. On the other hand, if a subordinate accepts responsibility without authority to use resources, he will not be able to reesearch the task assigned to him.

If they accept the assignment, then they become a delegate of manager and are responsible for the assigned work.

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Means, standard deviation, percentages, T-testand Cronbach Alpha test were used and applied. Thus they become free to concentrate more effectively of their management functions. Effective autgority requires that the limits of authority should be made clear to each subordinate.


The subordinate, by accepting the assignment, takes on an obligation to his superior to complete the work and perform it well. Moreover, improving administrative delegation of authority in which effect on employees’ satisfaction, employees’ empowerment to implement tasks individually without asking high management. Abstract The study aimed at identifying velegation impact of the delegation of authority on employees’ performance at great Irbid municipality.

As a manager cannot do all the work he must allocate a part of his work to subordinates for the purpose of research paper on delegation of authority by them.

Delegation of Authority | Essay | Organising | Management

How to cite item. For fear of exposure, he keeps all the authority to himself. Such rssearch superior will not delegate anything to anyone. The subordinates are responsible for the failure of delegation because of following reasons: