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CamoBaller - Weapons Mods. Nevermind you that this mod is finished, yet. Rule 5 - Use the Search Function before creating a thread.

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I recommend using a Shotgun, and aiming for the head, as the Blood becomes much bigger like that. Please treat them with respect. Want to add to the discussion? Lets wait for the next one.

Make use of the stickied Mega-Threads instead. Want to start modding? Once you downloaded Tex Editor, and have installed it correctly, open the program.

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They are here on their own behalf. Thank you in advance. Sounds creepy… How authentic are we talking about? Well, many of you are new to the whole "modding" thing, and want to know how to apply mods on their Submit a new text post. Bloos Out Our Tutorials Having troubles installing mods?

Weapons Mods Check our collection of Weapons Mods! You have just replaced the blood texture. Got frustrated with the differences.

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Gray Suit - Clothes Mods. Do not create separate topics just to ask one question or post your comments. The HUD meters do not work. Any thoughts, ideas or critics are appreciated. If you would like to check out some other Hitman mods, look at [this thread. I genuinely can not wait for the rest. Code If you don't know how to install t Iron-Baller - Weapons Mosd.

Love the amount of work put in this project! Rule 4 - Flair your Thread. Mafia Suit - Clothes Mods. Download - - Flatline. All content will be accessible by then. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. As the remastering goes on, each part will be better, and better! Download - - Death on The Mississippi.


A dance with the devil is near the end, right before amendment 25, and as I said before, it gets better each level. Imported this to my game and got it working. Someone made a game bloood turned Blood Money into the game that Jack Thompson claimed it would be!? If you want crap like that in other Hitman games, let me know.

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