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You have the following files: As styles are to buttons, templates are to menus. Move this layer to the bottom of the layers palette. Jon C Jon C. This tutorial gives a well-paced and well-explained overview of how to use the DVD Studo Pro 4 interface.

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This is where our shapes must be imported.

These objects have the option of being converted into drop zones from the SP2 menu interface. Besides dropping templates into a menu and defining tracks, templates can also be called upon by dragging an mpeg asset onto a button. Drop zones are any picture objects you import, which can be logos or photos or any shape object and its contained asset such as photos and movie files.

This option is exactly the same as the one above without actually creating a button. We will focus on two types of drop zones: This shape is also customized to act on our simple highlight settings.

For this final example, we will use all three of the PSD files and a background file you downloaded to create the menu you see at the top of the lesson.

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In this sample screen shot, the two drop zones have added an extra flare to my menu. Right-mouse Control-Click for one-button mouse users click on the layer, Highlight in the layer palette and select duplicate.

Create a new layer and label it Mask. Tem;lates duplicate the Shape layer and rename this copy as Icon. The Icon layer is a copy shape and highlight layers merged into one layer named Icon. On the right side we have our Photoshop layers palette and on the left side, our Photoshop document.

In my template, each button is labeled button 1.

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Open Photoshop and create a new document. I might also create a button and decide to place button text inside or outside the button and set other parameters of text such as shadows and font type. Move this pri to the bottom of the layers palette. Apple Releases iOS Use the selection tool to select a rectangle just bordering the blue and grey gradient you made before.


Layout style can make button layout for multiples that will have the same basic layout. Select the Mask layer in the layers palette.

Lets go back to Photoshop now. The HoloLens Emulator offers a solution for everyone that wants to explore ;ro Holographic development. Mask Layer The final layer is creating the mask layer.

I want to give you a brief taste of what drop zones can do for your DVD creations. Pgo you are finished, each of the layers must be in their correct order before importing the object into SP2.

DVD Studio Pro 4 Templates?

User profile for user: Now, we are going to create a menu as I am sure you know. You want and need both. Get ready, here is the big secret!

As styles are to buttons, templates are to menus. Step Four Optional Download: Styles and templates allow us to save options assigned to buttons, drop zones and menus so that we may use entire defined menus complete with a pre-made button shape, background audio, highlight color settings and many other menu functions.

The highlight layer is completely empty because there is no need for a highlight property in drop zones. After an unbelievable number of hours trying to resolve this "missing templates" situation templatse DVD Studio Pro 4.

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