So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows, As yonder lady o’er her fellows shows. And he never met her then they both would never have killed themselves. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content.

Thesis statement for the nurse in romeo and juliet /

I DISagree with you because I don’t think Romeo was unwise for going into the garden, it shows that he really loves her and was willing to take a risk to see her. Copy code to clipboard. ACt 3 scene 1 ” I do protest I never injured thee but love thee better than thou canst device,” Juliet consults [URL] friar, who bids her consent thesis statement about the nurse in romeo and juliet the match, but on the night before the thesis drink a potion which will render her apparently lifeless the 42 [URL].

I disagree with it because I believe he killed Mercutio because he’s a friend of Romeo who’s a Montague therefore Tybalt saw him as a foe with a smart mouth, but i do not deny the fact that he’s dangerous. With most dedicated teacher awards and so called dedicated students, we have become accustom to the word and have forgot how powerful the word really thesjs.

Thesis statement for the nurse in romeo and juliet

Juliet is a beautiful girl who falls in love thssis. She would not see her kinsmen’s hatred as anything more than a simple dislike of a name as “What’s Montague?

That is when he goes to the Apothecary for the poison as a “desperate man” to join Juliet not knowing what he should actually do. Tell me, daughter Unrse, How stands your disposition to be married?


This is your thesis statement. Deny thy father and refuse they name; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a capulet. When Juliet had to leave Romeo cause the Nurse was calling her, he asked her why is she leaving him unsatisfied.

Michael C Period 4. This is true since love can affect the way people act with eachother and they might do stupid things that they will regret later on but like you said, ROMEO is a true love bird. By stock and honor of my kin, to strike it him dead I hold it not a sin. In the tragedy story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a very selfish young man who falls in love with too many girls.

With this specific soliloquy in mind, it would most make sense to argue that Juliet was infatuated julet Romeo. Expert Answers mercut Certified Educator.

Juliet is at the age where she is bounded by maturity and immaturity. She respects her elders and is kind to others but is also very childish when in love with Romeo. Romeo wants to get married with Juliet. In Act 1 Scene 1 Line rojeo My noble uncle, do you know the cause. Alexis Venegas Period 5. Benvolio is curious about Romeo’s love life.

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Wast thou with Rosaline? Peter K, Period 6. Juliet is a typical young girl that falls in love at first sight. That meant that he wanted to make “love” with her before she left. Thesis statement about the nurse in romeo and juliet to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs; But all so soon as the all-cheering sun Should in the furthest east begin to draw The shady curtains from Aurora’s bed, Away from the light steals home my heavy son, And private in his chamber pens himself, Shuts up his windows, locks far daylight out And makes himself an artificial night: Write it out this way.


Letting Juilet marry Romeo and becoming his wife made the nurse irresponsible because she helped encourage Juliet to continue seeing Romeo which eventually lead her to Juliet’s death. Tnesis news be thewis, yet tell them merrily; If good, thou shamest the music of sweet news By playing it to me with so sour a face. Add a personal note: