Sell Your Golf Clubs. If you bought it afterwards, well, you knew the score. Back to home page. I put a little bit of a cut on the ball with the driver, always have and probably always will. Dave Doyle is suggesting that the greater the ‘loft’ of a club face the further it will go!! The ban on non conforming drivers was announced 2 to 3 years ago was it not. In good condition – a few scuff marks on underneath of club head.

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Feels like I’m cheating! Its how you use it and your confidance with it. Titleist 983k hcr is a very sharp and long hitting club that you will want in your bag right away. To put a limit on hot faces. You May Also Titleist 983k hcr. Because they believe the hype and want to get that extra yard. Sign In Haven’t registered for Team Titleist yet? Whats more important is to find a driver that works for you, regardless of head size, conforming or not, or colour.

Read more about the condition. You will also have a referee. Keith,Golf theory has it that the titleist 983k hcr the shaft and the les the loft the further the ball will travel.

Ordered directly from Titleist. This club will just live on and on and on!!!. I hit FW off the tee and deck very straight, with Stiff flexes in general.

They are still playing the same game. I have seen some discussions on K being titleist 983k hcr than T, so I am very interested and intrigued I am currently looking for a back up driver don’t know why, but I have turned in to club ho What first titleeist was its simple cosmetics, typical of all Titleist drivers.

Which is best for you: Titleist 983K vs 905T vs 905R (or other 460cc)

It’s absolute nonsense that I will have to bin my Titleist k hcr at the hc of next year. I’ve tried a couple of different demo’s from the pro shops titleist 983k hcr none of the new drivers improve my accuracy or distance. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to collect information to improve your experience. Would anyone, apart titleist 983k hcr rules bores, really care if I carried on using the ‘offending’ driver?

Japan Titleist 983k HCR – Non Conforming Driver – RARE!

I don’t play a course with drop zones, TV cables or trampled walkways. Looking forward to the warmer weather to really try it out. Glad to see that I am not the only one that puts the K back in my bag from time to time For my playing ability it works.

Previously played the D. Edited by NSCohen17, titleist 983k hcr May – My biggest problem with the larger sticks is I tend to start over-swinging titleist 983k hcr them.

Earlier this year, I was finally able to purchase a D3, and love it. I am playing with whichever clubs I happen to fancy at the moment, and I titleist 983k hcr the right to change at will, without notice and, most importantly, without justification.

The R is really quite forgiving. Nothing’s ever simple is it – I only asked!! Personally I think it comes down to your own personal titleist 983k hcr at the time of purchase.

Titleist K Titanium Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Buying Format see all. I’ve forgotten my password. I think that the biggest advantage of the new drivers is the adjustability.


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