Baby surprise jacket pattern

When you have finished knitting the jacket as written in the pattern including casting off , pick up 44 stitches along the end of your sleeve and knit 10 rows. This pattern first appeared in Newsletter 21, Fall Continue working your increases on the cast off row to keep the bottom corner of the button bands from becoming rounded. Knitting Podcasts Knitting Daddy.

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Mascoes the wool shop in Downtown Auckland helped me whenever I got stuck, bless them.

I always count my stitches after knitting across each time. Instead, the pattern is conveyed as a series of guidelines. The colors were close, and the striping kinda was reminiscent of a jersey design.

With right side facing rejoin the yarn at the first marked stitch and work 10 ridges on the centre 90 sts, ending having just worked a wrong side row. Hi There, I am in South Africa and so badly want to make this jersey, Please tell me what is the easiest way to obtain this.

If you are looking for a fun garment to knit for a baby in your life, I definitely recommend the BSJ. Jill talked about how she loved making it, how fun it was, and how cute it turned out. You are browsing as a guest. I also started listening to the CraftLit podcast.

Baby Surprise Jacket

For now, the pattern is available only in Print. That pattern has a page marker in my EZ book, but I am intimidated by it. Just reading the pattern made it sound like I was knitting with a friend, someone who was helping me through the process — teaching, and helping me learn — instead of me simply blindly following directions.

That is also the side where you knit across.

I like your striping — the small stripes on either side of the large one looks great. I appreciate the links and excellent blog post. This is what it is supposed to look like! More from Knitting Workshop, Original Edition Cast off, working the increases on the cast off row so the points on the collar remain sharp.

Blueberry is sporting her 2nd BSJ while checking out the alpacas at a fiber festival. It has different from closing which is an offset, if i recall correctly.

Once the BSJ comes off the needles, it looks like a mess. Knitting Podcasts Knitting Daddy. Jul 28, After sewing the shoulder seams, with the right side facing you, pick up 17sts along the front edge of the neck, up to the shoulder seam, 18 stitches across the back and 17 stitches down the other side of the front.

Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

Tutorial for Baby Surprise Jacket

Love your cardigan so far. First, I mark at 34 stitches since this is where the pattern decreases begin. Starting with mitered corners Further along, starting double increases Folded, starting to look like a jacket. WIPs march of patrern part seven - the finale - Oftengrumpy.

Many thanks Regards, Barbara. The mitered bonnet follows the mitering of the original BSJ, and the jacket was finished with an i-cord. Please note that you will still need the original pattern in order to use these changes. Hi I have completed my first baby surprise jacket in 21 days and I am simply delighted with it. The wrong side is where you make all the increases pattrn decreases, unless noted otherwise.

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