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Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Xtratime Community forums, you must first register. Just as an aside, if you transfer list the player, he will obviously not sign any new contract. Here you go, uber cheat schedule. Most probably, your game will still run no matter how large the database you select, the only question to ask yourself is 'how patient are you?

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Your name is irrelevant. Selection If you have already set out your tactics then on match day there is usually nothing much to do except to do some last minute checks fhll considerations. I hope to be able to collect most of the training schedule.

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If you are defending a slim lead and you are getting pounded then perhaps bringing in another defender or switching to a more defensive formation might help. This usually occurs if you have a custom schedule and did not replace the original schedules. What I usually do is to actually go through all the teams in the various selected leagues full detail and background leagues and other large clubs at the start of the season and examine their players.

I only ever have the country im managing in as "full detail". D Judging player potential This is similar to the above attribute but it helps one to look into the future to determine the player's hidden potential ability attribute. ful

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Description of Championship Manager: Originally Posted by vincenair. It deals with how they deal with the large amount of players under their training schedule.

B Rest after Match Day I usually rest after match day. Not selecting it does not mean the player will not do any of the selected thing, just simply they will do less. Meet them and it is highly likely your job is safe. Unfortunately with the exception of a few fhll and vague clues, only reloading will ufll you of the player's priorities.

If you have full detail in your leagues it means that league will be mc in far greater detail - e. By this point, the series came to a close. One thing is for certain, each player have an invisible injury proneness attribute.

The three reply options are: After all what is waiting a few more minutes and getting the game that suits you. This option is quite useful in helping you to sell a player or generate interest in the player. Alternatively, if you prefer to scroll down the page, the INDEX allows you to know whether have you scroll fm too much or not enough.

The World of Football Management - Chapter 7 - Global Attraction A tough challenge, turning Leamington Football Club from the smallest club in the English game to a worldwide name, all fulp building a squad of just one player from any nation!

Thus when players return from loans they are sent to the original schedule which has no trainers in them. Not use marking him if your player cannot reach the ball before him.

That way you can get the 004 value from the player. Even if the player states that he is satisfied with full response it will take several more days before the unhappy sign disappears. A Short The supposedly best way to play. C Happy with the player's commitment Not as good as delight but still quite acceptable. Therefore even if in the long run you may be paying more to the player due to the wage increase, the player may still reject that for a contract that pays less in the long run but have a better basic wage.

You may promote them to the main or reserve squad. The flip side to a larger database is simply that your game will be slower.

Also there are many players with a zero potential ability. You may either insert gull rest into the schedule or substitute a particular regime which is tiring such as cross country for one that is less intensive.

Championship Manager: Season 03/04 - General FAQ

Contractual Negotiations 1 Negotiations As often is the case in contractual negotiations, the initial demands made by the player can be brought down. If for example you have seen the player reject other offers with the reason relating to tull basic wage then there is a probability the player is focused on the wages.

My financial policy whether one is playing a top club or the lower division club is always the same.

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