Hardware vertex shader

Jun 26, Posts: And how about render target, on or off? Oh you're new here.

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Jan 4, Posts: The Legend of Heroes: Yeah but isn't distance what causes an oblique angle in a game unless it's top straight down type of camera? Trails in the Sky Store Page. We are the game development community.

In fact, all you will need to do is write your shader program, create an Ogre material which references that shader program, and possibly set some input parameters to your shader in your code. What does Microsoft have to do with Intel's driver development? Important Information By using GameDev. I'm hoping this will eventually become some competitive and open technology in the near future.

Vertex shaders are useful for accelerating tasks such as skinning or morphing.

Latest drivers from Intel enable hardware vertex shaders on G965 chipset

Aug 1, Posts: The algorithm does not need to be original. Mipmapping lowers the resolution of textures that are farther away from the camera so they shouldn't look as sharp as stuff that is closer.

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By babaliaris Started 21 hours ago. It has been shown in another thread that downsampling the certex from a higher resolution can smooth out some of the jaggies on objects in the world, but it's still a pretty minor difference.

Latest drivers from Intel enable hardware vertex shaders on G chipset | Ars Technica

I just ordered a G33 motherboard with an X, looking forward to testing and learning how to properly configure AIGLX with this chipset, and maybe poke around in the source code a bit. Last edited by Siegfried ; Jan 10, Learn more About Us or sign up!

They sader really use third party drivers. Ogre will then handle all of the management tasks. Posted November 1, However, I would like to know, what differences does it make graphicalwise. I'm sure the laptop manufactures slipped Intel a few C-bills to instantly obsolete almost every laptop sold in Their task is to modify per-vertex attribute information position, hadware, UV coordinates, per-vertex color, ect Don't confound the idiot with needless logic.

Hardware Shaders

Related topics Direct3D Devices. Wed Aug 22, Jul 21, Posts: Intel has been hiring hundreds of devs in 3 locations for at least 6 months now.

I just ordered a G33 motherboard with an X Basically hardware anything is always a good option to click if you have hardware for that component. I could care less what whiney windows users think, they suck.

It's perfectly permissible to throw some invalid parameters into DrawIndexedPrimitive, for example not that you should, but bear with me and hadware vertex processing won't even bat an eyelid, but software will complain - sometimes quite dramatically.

To avoid dual vertex processing capabilities on a single device, only the hardware vertex processing capabilities can be queried at run time.

Case in point - GMA

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