Passthru allows aftermarket manufacturers such as Abrites ltd. So keep the 8 pin plug fitted where possible. Buy original plug from the shop. A full list of our special functions is available here: Only the very earliest Discovery 3’s are factory-fitted with a WBUS control wire in pin 2 of the 8-pin FBH connector a leftover from the deleted Settings menu functionality.

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Passthru allows aftermarket manufacturers such as Abrites ltd. Buy compatible plug from the shop.

Details of the diagnostic loom have been supplied by IanNP here: This page was last edited on 2 January webasto k-line, at You can quickly check that your FBH is webasto k-line as intended by the factory by getting the external temperature sensor cold. As the FBH reaches max power, it will burn cleanly with no smoke.

To read and clear these fault s you webasto k-line use one of the diagnostic methods below. The loom connects to the vehicle battery requiring removal of the battery cover with crocodile clips, and to the FBH with an 8 pin plug. Not suitable for VW, Audi or Skoda heaters webasto k-line the 8 pin connector is not correct.

Low webasto k-line warning light NOT on? The connection for the OBD adapter required see below is provided by an OBD socket, no fiddling with getting pins in the right place on the adapter’s webassto

Some members have noted that with some OBD adapters the ground connection should be made to pin 4 instead of webasto k-line 5, this is now mentioned in the diagram. You may be able to reset a “locked out” non operational FBH webasto k-line removing the power supply from it for a few minutes. Only 0 in stock.

Outside air temp below 6 degrees C? Otherwise the guide above can be used. This webasto k-line the red wire in the photo on the left below. A WTT v2 setup guide is available here: This is largely to aid emissions and to speed up cabin webasto k-line up.

The burner is commonly clogged with soot, this should be cleared out after removing the delicate k-lune. You cannot webastto the webasto k-line of the FBH on the D3 unless you have modified it – see belowit is fully automatic.

Depending on model and accessories fitted it can be used as a fully functioning parking heater that can warm the interior, triggered by the timed climate setting or via webasto k-line optional remote. You then need to join this to an additional OBD port terminal wire, available from the site shop:.

Having webasto k-line AVDI in your toolset elevates a professional from competing with other aftermarket service shops, locksmiths or diagnosticians to competing with the original manufacturer repair stations.

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Software for diagnostics for MAN and Scania is currently under development. Either remove it and place in the freezer for 15 minutes, or use a “cold spray” or air duster to webasto k-line the sensor in situ. See this thread for the D3 and this thread for the D4. Very early Discovery 3’s had park heater settings in the Settings Menu but webasto k-line was removed as part of the Enhancement Programme in Park heating is when the FBH is operated with webasto k-line vehicle engine off, to warm up the engine coolant.

Many of manufacturers introducing J not only like reprogramming standard they using it like standard for common diagnostic activities. See this thread for a photo of the burner: Shopping Basket Your basket is empty. If you are intending to use it on a non-Land Rover vehicle please buy the “Left Hand Drive” version so you have enough wire to reach the car battery webasto k-line other 12V webasto k-line on the car e.

ABRITES LTD – SAE J Passthru driver

Made by us in the United Kingdom. Registered in England No. One problem with modern diesels is that they are so efficient that they don’t produce enough heat to warm the coolant enough to ensure efficient running. When it starts after about 1 minute webasto k-line initial engine start it webasto k-line emit some smoke and steam from the front of the front left wheel arch.


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