Removed drives from two cases and used in other cases. Confirmed and works with Windows Vista 32bit and HDD works when shoved back into my original Windows 7 machine which couldnt run the tool. It just allows you to restore that capacity in case other software or PC distributor reduced it. Hard drive is not accessible or damaged in some way. Nicol on September 28, 3: I purchased a new Samsung Spinpoint 1TB drive a month ago to put into my music studio computer I constantly run out of space with all the samples and high quality audio I use.

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Many thanks for providing this utility and web page. S — Set 32GB Capacity. I re-tried but got same msg. Please western digital wd400 me to restore the capacity.

This excellent program restored my capacity and best of all aestern kept al my pictures!

Many thanks for your help. For servers, the SCSI pronounced ‘scuzzy’ interface is very popular.

western digital wd400 But a drive that I want to use that is bigger than that. I now get GB max capacity on the new drive. My bios says that he is only of 32MB…what is to do? Since every hard drive has to be hooked up western digital wd400 a single cable for the program to work, I hooked up a 80 gb HD to the cable that I disconnected from the CD Rom.

This is an invaluable tool, fixed a Samsung HDUJ 1TB that western digital wd400 showing as gb when formatted, and this is on a failing drive which has to be sent back. I then did an XP upgrade and then partitioned the drive into three more drives as I plan on multi-booting the drive with XP, Vista, and Server and a fourth drive.

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But it was the same procedure as before:. Thank you very very good ellia on September 13, 2: I have downloaded your HD Capacity Restore 3 times. Western digital wd400 guys this programme works like a bomb.

I finally found your program but for some reason when I go to reset western digital wd400 on the new hd it keeps weatern from completing. This is something like a 32GB or GB capacity jumper setting with software this time.

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Will an interface on a desktop fit this 2. So, I decided to apply a firmware update found from Compaq, SP in case I got read of the strange clicks and clacks. If the device is detected in the system, it will now be removed from the western digital wd400 manager. Thank you my friend… Really thank you… Karasardelis on February 1, 1: Plz reply to my email… I really thank to whosoever replies!!! Thank you very much for this magic application!!!!!! Everything was ok at this point.

What happened to the other gb storage?? Your program fixed western digital wd400 immediatly. Problem was solved with this western digital wd400. I do not care digjtal much about my files there, I want westernn disk working!

After the clone the disk showed as a 32Mb Drive. It was originally on Dell Inspiron with and was limited to Gb, but it still unchanged despite western digital wd400 installed on a HP DC with Win 7 prof 64 bit. Thanks Dmitry Postrigan on February 11, 7: Wish I knew about this program years ago! So, if it can get into that state via a USB connection, it can get out western digital wd400 it using the same connection.

R — Reset to Drive Maximum. After formatting, it showed only 31MB. I tried to boot it with partition magic 8 again but it says there was no installed HD. Thanks a lots and lots Dmitry, Your rock man…………….

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I tried to use different CD installers but it is always the same result. Data error cyclic redundancy check. Sorry for any misunderstandings. After a power cycle all the partitions came back with the data intact. The software sees the new drive and western digital wd400 boot drive.

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The drive now registers the full 1TB size. My compter runs Figital media edition Keith on August 27, 6: Did you write this utility, I noticed that its Copyright is Atola anyway thanks to Atola for allowing me to download it and if you wrote it a big thanks to you. I purchased a new Samsung Spinpoint 1TB drive western digital wd400 month ago to put into my music studio computer I constantly run out of space with all the samples and high quality audio I use.

Alfonso Mendez on November 20, 5: Please make sure you are using the proper OS. As some people above I get the same error when opening which is error opening driver. Hard drive is not accessible or damaged in some western digital wd400. Most hard drives have a special jumper setting that allows you to western digital wd400 their capacity to either 32 or gigabytes.

In large data centers, Fibre Channel is often used.


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